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Happy B-Day JOHNNO

frank c

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Hey mate,

Hope that you were throwed a shindig or a barbie :chowtime: and you are downing a tinnie or two. Grog up, birthdays are to be celebrated.............


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G'Day Family

I hope I can call you that, you guys are too kind. You don't know how much you've turned my day around with all your kind thoughts and best wishes. Today was going to be a bummer day due to the fact that Friday I joined that big line looking for a job, just no work available. The weekend was a proverbial pain in the butt and today was spent trying to survive.

But because of all of you and Kat, you saved part of my day. And with that, I'm truly indebted to you all. There's many birthdays posted up here and there's alot I miss and by the time I get to them, a week's passed and feel sad that I was not right on top of the occassion.

So on that note, I'd like to wish everyone that I have either missed or been late with the biggest Happy Birthday.

You truly are an amazing group and I'm privileged to have been able to cross words and meet personally. A very, very BIG THANK YOU to ALL of YOU!!



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Hey Johnno,

Hope you'll feel like you're eighteen tonight, 'cause ther'll be hell to pay tomorrow! Skol, prost, na strovia, la heim, salud, kampai, sante, cheers, and here's mud in your eye!


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