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Let me tell you, the other day was one heck of a nugget hunting day, what could go WRONG did go wrong, what could go RIGHT did go right. Lucky Lundy invited me to come out nugget hunting and to droll over Steve's (El Dorado) monster nugget, let me tell you, that thing is unbelievable. I held the nugget, I turned and started towards the door with it then I heard "CLICK", Steve is very fast on the draw, I have no idea where that handgun came from.

Well with today's hunt came another adventure and milestone for me, it all started when Lucky Lundy, Steve, Bob (LL's dad) and I ventured to the farm, what a beautiful day, temperature was perfect. Steve was the first to find gold, right from the start he got himself a nice little .3 dwt, that was his total find that day, not another 6 oz'er but no skunk. I think I was next, I was very happy for this was the first time I decided to use a DD coil with the GPX4000, I played around, when I heard a target I would switch to discrimination to listen to what the target would sound like, it would either blank out or give me a little warble, when I dug those out and of course the blanking target would be a piece of iron but the warble sound would be something like a small piece of wire, then I got a nice clean sound and it would not over load, about 3" down came a nice .5 dwt ...... it sounded sooooo sweet. WOO HOO!

Lucky Lundy and Bob were down away, Bob did not find any gold but I know he enjoyed himself. Lucky Lundy did well as always, he pulled out 3 nice nuggets for a total of 2.9 dwt, I don't think Lucky Lundy knows what a skunk looks like, in fact he has so much luck every time we hunt together I always find gold. The first time out with Lucky Lundy my GPX 4000 started having ground balance issue but yet through his guidance on where to search I was able to take home an 18.3 dwt "lady nugget". Now on my scale it registers it at 1 avoirdupois ounce and not a troy ounce so everyone denied me rights to join the "ONE OUNCE NUGGET CLUB".

This hunt was not much different, about 1 hour after finding the .5 dwt nugget my GPX4000 took a dump again for the second time this year, my LCD screen started to look like a symbol bar code then finally went black, I turned off the power, unplugged the connections, waited a few minutes, plugged back the connections and powered it back on, it did not help but my detector was still functioning, my last settings before the screen died I had the IRON REJECT ON at about 15. The dead screen did not stop me, I kept hunting and still dug all targets even if they blanked or warbled just to see what they were. Then I got that nice sweet smooth sound, it was faint but sweet, as I dug it became louder, but no warble, I dug down 10" and it still was a nice sweet sound that did not overload, I knew it, I just knew it was going to be a nice nugget and finally after digging a couple of more inches out comes a 22.2 dwt nugget! WOO HOO! I AM NOW A MEMBER OF THE ONE OUNCE CLUB!!!!

I was jazzed; I held both arms and the air and gave out my traditional WOO HOO! scream, Steve came over held it in his hand, I told him I think I am officially in the "ONE OUNCE CLUB" now, he clenched it in his hand, shook it and said "Yea, you may be, but your still not in the HALF POUND CLUB".

NO, I am just kidding, Steve was ecstatic too!

Once again I had a great time and never had been skunked when hunting with Lucky Lundy, his nickname says it all. Thank you Rick, Bob and Steve, I had a great time!

Here is a PIC of the 3 of us when we got back to Lucky Lundy's home, Bob took the PIC so he is not in it. Rick is holding my first nugget I found the first time we hunted together, He could'nt pose with his own monster nuggets for he keeps them in a saftey deposit box which he strongly suggests.....and I will.


Tony Teixeira

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WOW, guys...that's not only some serious nugget shootin'...that's serious NUGGETFINDIN'....WTG...Cheers, Unc

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On top of the nuggets I am finding, I am sure meeting a lot of awesome folks and learning quite a bit.

El Dorado, Dakota Slim, Uncle Ron, frank c, bill-costa rica, richs, Hawkeye, John Hoser Oates, coyoteslayer and of course LuckyLundy;

Thank you all for the CONGRATS!

Tony Teixeira

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