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Hi Guys

Want to apologize for not introducing myself. I've been busy soaking up info on detecting and all related subjects. I have learned lots of great tips, thanks!

Back to me, I live in Pine Valley Ca. The one thats about 2 hrs from Yuma not far from Julian. Been detecting on and off for a few yrs.

Self employed,do r/d for start up medical company's, as I have a machine shop( in garage). Haven't had much time off over the years

and when I do my son and I usually go to Ak for a month or so. Any how thank you all for the answering my question.

I hope to meet some of you out there beeping.


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Hi Rich and Gilaoro

I have belonged to SPMA and GPAA since 80s. The LONG VALLEY claims are good for dry washing,There is gold there. Getting there is a thrill .Gold CLAIM #1 is on Eagle creek and

is pretty much done in, also can't be worked until the toads are done breeding.(July) As for ANIMALS LAIR tried it several times 10 or 12 years ago and found

a couple specks. Lucky Chuck mine is interesting.


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Hi Bill

Thanks for the welcome! I'm the guy that called you during your dinner a few weeks ago. Wanted to meet you but had to be back in P.V. Ca.

the next day. By the way Great forum!



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