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Spring Break Finds!

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This past week I took my friend Austin out

for the week to find his first meteorite.

We met up with Nate and hunted Red Lake

on Sunday, Gold Basin on Monday and Tuesday,

and Franconia Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

My friend popped his cherry on Thursday with

two Franconia chondrites from the North Side

weighing out at 21.7g's and 14.7g's. He was

really excited and now he knows the value

of meteorites and the work it takes to find them.

Here are my finds:


Gold Basin's: 20.8g, 36.7g & 71.6g


Franconia's: 7.8g, 14.7g, 25.5g

Iron: 2.3g

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Mirror shots



Thank you Nate for giving us rides to places my car couldn't go,

taking us to producing area's, and buying us Burger King. =]


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Wow That must have been a lot of fun how tall are the weeds out there now did you speck that monster wish I lived closer to the meteorite fields so thanks for posting it keeps me plug in to all the excitement :coffeetime:

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Outstanding!! What a nice Franconia monster. Nice Gold basins as well. What a nice haul for spring break. Congrats!!!


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Erik, WOW what a find for Franconia!!! I apologize again for not making it, my son got cold feet when he heard about the snakes and I don't blame him. Those are some awesome finds and glad your friend made his first discoveries with you guys. Congrats again, Jason. :;):

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Hay guys was grate out there>> Eric did well and Aston popped his cherry..

Ill have pic's soon guys goda use a camera for better pic but heres some id what i ended up getting

GB popped out 3 GB and one that me and Eric thank is not a gb... so I'm have to have IT class a fide

now i thank on winsday i got a L from the L field on Fran hard fined its 6.6 grams

popped out 3 H from the north side 48 grammer 40 gram and a 10 grammer i thank..

But was nice to see every one that made it out there ill post pic soon

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Wow, great finds, guy's. Congratulations is at hand. :whoopie:

It's nice to know that the big lunkers are still hiding out at Franconia.... :postdigger:

best wishes and happy many more hunt's, jim "bones" :coffeetime: :outtahere:

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Aloha guys,

It was great hooking up with you guys out at GB and at Franconia.

Erik: That one piece sure looks different now that it is glued together. You still have to go back and find the missing pieces for that one tho.

Nate: You sure have thaqt unit of your dialed in to those meteorites now for sure. You are going to be a guy to watch this summer for sure.

Austin: Now that you have a couple under your belt looks like I might be seeing you again out there swinging a coil. Did that pic of the snake ever turn out?

After finding my one at GB I just kept on thinking about Franconia and finally took your advice and bailed. I hadn't realizxed it was so close to GB via the route you mentioned.

The weeds are getting to the point some people might even consider dragging along a weedwacker for some spots.

After our morning hunt on the south side I decided to go to the north side and try my luck again looking for that elusive third piece I have been hunting to complete my big one. No luck yet! That piece is going to be the most elusive one yet BUT I will find it if it is still out there.

I will probably be going out again next tuesday/wednesday.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Austin said the picture of the snake turned out ok and he will email it to me.

Those darn weeds make made my arm tired from the extra resistance.

If they weren't there I might have spotted the 578.8g from 5 or 10 feet away

instead of practically walking over it.

Thanks guys, I have to chalk it up to persistance and luck.


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Looks like you are cleaning house!! This month Holbrook with nice finds and now G.B. and Franconia with some nice scores as well!! Way to go Nate, congrats on your finds.

Austin, Congrats on your first meteorites!! You will now be hooked.


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We only hunted red lake from like 9am to 2pm. It sucks! My magnet sucked to my ipod and erased everthing on its hard drive so now I have to take it to the apple store. There, they will tell me they don't know why its not working and tell me to mail it in. Then I wait for apple to tell me my warrenty expired 4 months ago and then i'll have to exchange emails till I finnally can just give them their money.

Fear the run around!! Fear it!!!!

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Wow Erik, that whopper is a beauty! Congrats! Glad to hear your friend popped his cherry too. Sounds like it was a fun time. It's about time you went to Gold Basin! Now you're gonna get hooked out there.

Nate sounds like your did good too buddy, way to go man!


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Erik - Nate, Absolutely great set of finds. Erik, that 578 gram Franconia is quite a catch!!! :whoopie: . Yea, Erik, I also touch my GPS with my magnet, it kept working for the moment, but I turn it on agian later and it wouldn't boot, -- to the garbage can. Good luck with the run around. And WOW agian for big Franconia. See Ya Out There :icon_mrgreen: Clifton

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