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Wickenburg Meteorite Family Portrait

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Yo All...Made a run to the bank safety deposit box today, but before I did I shot a family portrait of the four Wickenburg pieces I've found so far...The rusty one in 18 little bits were all buried and were in their own little strewnfield that was about 20' long and 10' wide...The other three were all on the surface...I specked two of them and the other was under a big clump of ocotillo, palo verde and cats claw...What's kinda funny is that it was about 30' from where I found a 3/4 Oz nugget and I was sure the scream from my old Baboo sd2100 was the grandpa nugget...Sure was loud...When I moved the brush out of the way, I could see it easily on the surface...My immediate reaction was, " Sh**, it's just another damned meteorite!!! :wah2: ...All together there's 287 grams...The largest, at 2 o'clock position weighs 106 grams...I think it cool that you can see the chondrules in the flash on the three surface ones...Cheers, Unc


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Aloha Unc. Ron,

Pretty cool finds, especially since you weren't looking for something like these guys to start.

Yes, they are pretty cool to have around the house and they usually are great ice breakers at a party.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Hi Unc

What a cache!! :whoopie: One more piece and you will have to open a Museum. Congrats!! Hey!! Did you and I have a face to face at a hunt in Laughlin a few years ago??? I found a business card in my lost files when I moved to Prescott.


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Yo Wayne...No, I've never been to a hunt in Laughlin...Went there one time a few years back to gamble and the cigerette smoke ran me out of the casino....After 35 years of smoking a few packs aday, it took 4x heart bypass surgery to help me quit....Now I'm alergic as hell to tobacco smoke...I'll swap someone straight across my 287 Grams of meteorite for 287 Grams of nuggets... :hmmmmmm: :whoopie: ...Cheers, Unc

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