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Nice day in Greaterville

Al C

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Hi Supex; Hillsides, all the washes have been worked for over a hundred years. Its a tough place to MD because of all the trash. But stick with it and you'll do just fine. AL. C

Did you do washes, gullies or fingers. We're going to Greaterville tomorrow and saturday. Its going to be my first time and we should have good time there.
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Hi Al very nice find!

Hope you keep it up. Mabye someday i will find some of those in ca.or az. so far ak. seems to be good to me.

Too bad I onely get there once in a while. Shows that hard work pays off reguardless of how you hunt for the pretty stuf.

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Well I don't know about that Silver Dog. Digging shoe nails at a foot deep can keep a man busy and at my age make one darn tired. But you got to love it. I'll be back to digging as soon as my arm heals up. I guess that's why no one calls me Einstein. :laught16:

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Nice gold Al, Greaterville is good to you!!!! I miss prospecting and meeting all my western friends, sorry we never got to hunt before I left there, maybe someday I'll get back that way for a visit.


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