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Wickenburg Meteorite #4 or Something Else?

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Yo all...Yesterday I went out to where I found several nice nuggets, including a 3/4 Oz. and a 1/4 Oz., plus, what I took to be another Wickenburg Meteorite, even though it is nearly 3 miles from where I found my other two Wickenburgs....So yesterday, I got a screaming signal on my SD2100 from back up under some thick brush on top of a ridge...I was certain I had W#4 but when I ground down on my grinder, the inside is different ...More metalic throughout, although there are smallish chondruls present...There is no streak at all on concrete...It just digs lines into the concrete...What you think? Cheers, Unc






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After some additional sanding on it, the chondrules are showing much better and it appears pretty much identical to my other Wickenburg finds...So it is Dubyah Number 4 ... Whoopee ...Brings my total weight to about 275 grams...Cheers, Unc

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Yeah, UNC, show us your nuggets...ahh, gold that is...

generally,and making some "wag" assumptions; the smaller pieces fall first and the heavier pieces go the farthest...if the record is clear on the location of the big piece found you should have a good idea of the length of the strewn field...and the direction...

Very Nice!


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Yo Fred & All...I do have a pretty good idea of the strewnfield...Very rough country if you're not a Mountain Goat....I was able to file the glaze that my grinder put on the window so now you can see the chondrules really well...This one seems to be half of a whole so the other piece of pieces should be fairly close by...Straight up a cliff...Here's better pix...Cheers, Unc



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Uncle Ron,

Good to see you are tearing it up with your finds! Congrats to you on your Wickenburg meteorite finds. Looks like you are doing quite well in the rough country you are hunting.


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That's a great looking space rock!! and that country around Wickenberg sure can be steep to say the lest. I was in around Copperopolis this Feb by myself for a few weeks and desideied to get the heck out of there because I didn't have anyone along with me in case something happened, even with the quad I got myself in trouble a few times, just not a good Idea to go into that back country alone Dam. And I didn't even know there were meteorites around Wickenberg.

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