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Who Are You? I am Self!


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Hello Self! Hello me!

Just what do you know about this stuff?

Oh , You Know. Gold!

Oh. How much gold have you found.

Not much.

Found a bunch of color , here and there.

Up in P.A. New Mexico I got lucky and turned over the right Rock. Found 1/4 oz that day.

How do you hunt gold?

Just like the old timers I am, I go were gold has been found before.

Any time I'm out in the hills, I take my pan and check the wash over yonder.

Hell, One time I found this Red and White rock that I took a fancy too. Poked it in my pocket and took it home I did!

Checked it out and it turned out to be Quartz Masonite. Chucked Full of specks of Gold. Went back and Snatched up a pile of if it !

Got me a solid Oz out of that lot.

Yep! Gotta do it like the old folks!

What about the other tons of folks out there looking fer gold?

Well Self, You just steer Clear of em and find yer own wash.

Some are OK and Some Ain't!

Best stay away from em all!

If they will come into camp and eat yer beens they are OK! Most Likely!!!!

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I talked like that for awhile after I got hit by a two hundred thirty pound tackle playing football...

I don't know why, but that post made me think of that old redneck joke:

What are a rednecks last words?

"Here...hold my beer and watch this..."


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Cool! Warning Headed.

Funny part is everything in the story was true.

I've been in Deming since 1990. It's nice to see there are others around here.

I really would like to go detecting, panning or what ever with someone from these parts.

If you can't laugh at your self, then who can you laugh at?


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