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My Videos "Meteorite Recovery" & "Hopper Discovery"

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Hi all,

I wanted to let everyone know that my West, Texas videos are now public and are part of my Meteorite-Times article for March.

The first video tells of my experiences in West with Steve Arnold, Sonny Clary and Mike Miller. It details how my first West meteorite was found in a cemetery and also Mike Millers 212 gram find - It was for a while the "main mass".

The second video follows Rob Wesel and Myself around as we pursue the "Hopper Stone". The sound track of this video is actually written and performed by Mitch Bynum (Hopper's) owner.

View them both here.


Ruben Garcia

Phoenix, Arizona

Website: http://www.Mr-Meteorite.Net

Articles: http://www.meteorite.com/blog/

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user...rfright&p=v

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Outstanding videos!

Sure wish I could have made it to West. I am still trying to teach my K-9s to hunt irons and at least scratch at the ground where they are buried! Oh well.....guess it's back to my GMT for me.


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Thanks, you and Basalt Boy would have cleaned up in Texas. Eagle Eyes out there is all you need and you two have them. I can't believe you guys didn't go....

Del, Your story was so good I had to take a different angle. Which still didn't come out as good as yours.... You write very well and should continue.

Dean, My brother Paul used to say the same thing for years, even buying a blood hound to train. I laughed at him. Now I'm thinking he was on to something!

Johnno, Thanks for the compliments, but I decided I'll probably never sell it when I can give it away for free. I have 33 videos now....

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