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Lucky Friday the 13th

El Dorado

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Lucky Lundy's birthday is just a few days away and mine was yesterday. We decided to have a Birthday hunt today and Lucky Lundy invited me to a very special patch he calls the Ostrich Ranch. It's private property his wife's uncle owns. The day was absolutely perfect weather wise and considering the drive we got a pretty early start.

I was hunting with my new 4000 (Thanks Bill) using the stock DD coil. I had been digging all the normal crap, 22's, nails, small pieces of wire then I got the sweet sound we all love to hear. It was pretty quiet, more of a warble then anything, but as I removed more dirt the sound just got sweeter. Pretty sure I had found another bullet but the hole was getting too deep so I figured it must have been on the side of the hole. As I went past 12" it was becoming apparent I may have found a nugget. At 14 inches it was getting harder to dig and keep the hole small so I started digging with my scoop. I hit a layer of nice blue clay and noticed a small bit of gold showing. Yahoo it was gold for sure. I started to remove some of the dirt with my hand and it kept getting bigger and bigger. This could not be happening to me, it's only the kind of thing you read about happening to someone else. I went for it and pulled it out not believing how heavy it felt. Time to call Rick over........ I waited for him to get close then reached in and pulled it out. He (and I) were dumbfounded. It was beyond guessing the weight and we did not have a scale. I'm glad no one else was around because seeing two grown men hugging and jumping around might have seemed strange.

Got back to Rick's and his scale overloaded and would not weigh it........ Well, it was more than 3 ounces. Had to get back home to get the final weight after a quick clean in the ultrasonic..... 191.2 grams.... 6.14 ounces. I am still dumbfounded. It is the nugget that a 30+ year quest has finally led me to. I have never found a 1 ouncer. This slug is a 1/2 pound over the 1 ouncer I wanted to find! It fits so perfect in the palm of my hand I have named it the "Palm Nugget"

What a day and what a special guy Rick is to have taken me to his ace in the hole patch.








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WOW that is great! I bet you will make some beautiful jewelry out of some of that?

Perhaps its worth more intact?

What a great hunt! :yourock:

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Guest bedrock bob

Holy crap man! My hat is off to you Eldorado. You might be a pain in the butt but you can darn sure find a nugget!

And I wanted you to know that my son was also born on March 12 also. So happy birthday!


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El Dorado did anyone tell you ....you only have to have a one ouncer for the one ounce club...

it's going to be hell trying to get in that exclusive 6 oz. club....CONTRATLATIONS...hope it doesn't

take you another 63 years to find another one like that...BTW your definitely buying the beers now...

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Aloha ElDorado and Happy Birthday,

Now what are you going to do for an encore after this one.

That is one beautiful nugget. I guess some of that Lucky Lundy luck rubbed off on you for sure.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Hi Steve,

Wow, what a chunk!

I thought that sometime, someone would find a nice lunker where

Lucky hunts.

That truly is a find of a lifetime!

A very special day, indeed!


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It was a pleasure as always to hunt with you! Since my Birthday is on St. Patricks Day...I'm really green with envy!!! I can't believe there was one that big in the backyard. Of course Steve, didn't say and I'm not posting a picture of it because his drwarfed mine by 119 dwt's. Congrat's Steve, truely is a dream come true...Until our next hunt!


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I dont know if I should say HOLY CRAP or HAPPY BIRTHDAY, how about


Geez Steve,

You could not asked for a better birthday present! CONGRATS!

Once again my hat goes off to Lucky Lundy, he has shared his knowledge, spent time with newbies to help develop their prospecting skills and has even invited many newbies and veterans alike to his patch knowing that everyone who enters the patch will walk away with a special keep sake nugget. I don't know anybody ....anybody at all who would share the wealth as Lucky has, he could have kept the patch all to himself but once again for the umpteenth time proves he is one hell of a guy!

Congrats to the both of you!


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someday but today it was all about you !!!!! :whoopie:

you know what Steve scince you live so close to me, maybe I could come by and drool over it just a little bit... :ROFL: Right on you the man !

Happy Birthday,

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Many a prospector spent or spends a lifetime looking for that one piece that truly defines him. I do believe you have found yours. I'm truly happy for you. Your hard work and dedcation to this lifestyle has paid off in one hole. That Nugget could not have found a better home than yours. Congrates. Knowing you, I'm sure you will find a few more.


LuckyLundy, Your next my man.

Ol'29er :coffeetime: :laught16:

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