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When you find gold you can cut your finger on, your in a place I dream about! The bitch is the contour of the land. The small vein structures run through there. It is a bad ass spot without a doubt!!

Happy Hunting!-SteveT :coffeetime:

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A recent hunt .....not saying where just yet.....12 grams out of a rock 13" down that I busted by

accident...GP3000...NF 14" El DD.....

Man, how would you ever be able to detect in all that jungle without clearing it first. How would you find it in the first place?

Great looking gold, good job and thanks for sharing.


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This time of year you don't even consider "swinging" your coil....with the vegetation you just pick

it up then put it back down in between the green stuff....it's slow....it's hot...but sometimes

productive...and your guaranteed to get a few "riders" (ticks)....did I mention that the tractor gets


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1) You mean you clear the bush with a tractor before you can metal detect there, and the tractor gets 50% of the gold for doing it ?

2) By the photo, that is not nugget gold but rather rough, close to the vein, primary gold which is a good sign.

3) You use a NF 14 elliptical DD on your GP 3000, as it must be very highly mineralized soil to use a DD otherwise you would use a MONO instead.

4) Are you somewhere near the Amazon River ?

Thank you and keep on posting in the future to show us interesting photos and stories!

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I know Garimpo is out in the field at a secret spot right now and I can answer a few of those ?'s.

1. Tractor is brought in to do a push after gold is found, the tractor pay is negotiable. Can be up front cash or %

2. The area where he lives is pretty much many giant eroded veins, smooth gold can be found right along with course gold.....very strange

3. Some areas have very mineralized dirt and many days there is strong mid day EMI ( I think from the sun being directly overhead near the equator). Both conditions can lead to using a DD, the Mono is still the preferred coil for gringos and locals, but locals never use a DD... they do not understand it's advantages

4. Very far from the Amazon, he is in what is referred to as the Central Highlands, brutal heat and humidity!

5. I know all this from spending a month with him last fall

6. Most important is they serve the beer super cold and the women are very beautiful with that combination and the gold is why he is there.

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