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I decided to make my own power cords. Anyone else thinking the same? You can buy monster cable (S16-4R-cl ) 16ga wire at


Just type monster cable in the search engine.

Price is 85 cents a foot for cut lengths. I bought 35 ft. That is a great price. Found the end pieces on ebay for $1.69 listing #130287922151. Do the math. The last monster cable power cord I bought was over $40

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Well I made 3 cords to start. I like a 4 foot length. The blue monster cable is great. 16 ga. pure copper audio wire with a nice heavy molded covering over the 4 wires. I bought some heavy industrial shrink tube for the outside and used a lighter shrink tube for the inside. :icon_mrgreen:


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I was thinking more sound wise than power delivery. The way I look at it it's all in hearing the target and the best pure copper audio cable can't hurt.

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If you order from the link I would just call and tell them you want the same blue monster cable Frank Augustine bought. The first time the idiots sent me a black 2 lead wire.

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I would ask one of the MOD guys on the OZ forums where they get them. I'm sure one of the big electronic part outfits here in the states have them. You just need to know what to ask for.

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