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Identification of my Find? - Any Help?

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Object was found by me around 5 years ago in a local spring. We held onto it because it was different than anything we were accustomed to finding and it is very heavy for it's size. (Around 20lbs by my guess.)

I found it again today while cleaning out the closet and decided to get it up here to see if we could figure out what it is.

I hope the pictures are sufficient and I look forward to my future discussions here.






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G'Day Jasn

Looks like a cave man met with an ugly accident :laught16::laught16:

sorry can't help with that one

Cheers Johnno

haha agreed mate. That's another reason we kept it. It's great for a laugh when the sensitive types are around.

Thanks for the input so far.

Is there anything I can do (grinding, cutting, etc) that would help you guys identify it easier?

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