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Little Franconia Piece

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Yo All...Two years ago this month, Dodacious & I went on a quick meteorite hunt at Franconia...We got blocked by a mile long freight train so we had to walk all the way around it...We went to the east from the parking area and it turned out good luck because, with in a couple minutes of getting up on the flat, I beeped up this nice little one grammer...It's been sitting, neglected, in my collection box ever since....Today, because I am becoming a little more interested in meteorites than I was then, I got it out and polished it...I had never seen the chondrules before on it...They look kinda cool...So, are the shiny specks nickle or? Cheers, Unc




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Nice lil' guy there Uncle Ron. The shiny specks are most likely (NiFe) nickel and iron mix. I am hoping to have some Franconia pieces in my collecton by the end of the year. Thanks for sharing that pic with us.

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Aloha Unc Ron,

What else do you have in your collection box just collecting dust? Nice specimen you have there.

Yes, meteorite hunting can become addictive so watch out or else!! :Huh_anim]:


Stan aka Kaimi

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PS...Which Franconia classification does this pattern match? .... Thanks, Cheers. Unc

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Yo Johnno...Thank you for that link...I learned alot...

Stan, I've got a whole bunch (maybe 20) of coffee cans full of metalic, but generally non-ferrous-- finds over the past 10 years stashed away...I got lightly into one of them yesterday and ended up adding several new knives to my special knife collection coffee can...It's really cool to go through older cans and learn that you didn't have a clue about some of your finds in the early days of beepster...I'm going to do a methodical examination of very many years' old finds...Hell...Maybe I found some space rocks along time ago...Cheers, Unc

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