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4500 ?


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I've noticed on the OZ forums reports of a lot of issues with the 4500. Those of you that have the 4500, have any problems ?

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Could be the Aussies got all the bad ones. I'm saving up for a second ML detector and was going over some of the reports. Perhaps a 3500 may be best for me as a second unit.

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Not all the bad machines stayed in Oz. I have a 4500 that was horrible when I got it (one of the first batch to USA). After I sent it to Minelab for the recall, I love it. I kept my 4000 because I was not sure if I was going to be happy with the 4500. Want to buy a 4000 with a couple extra coils? PM me if you are interested. Take care.



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Frank...Flak and all...many things not good about being old and remembering what it was like

detecting 40 years ago is certainly at the top of the list of bad...when the SD2000 came out...

I had the first one in the USA...I thought beeping just can't get any better than this..of course

it did with the SD2100...SD2200...GP Extreme...GP 3000...GP 3500...GP 4000...GP 4500....and

now we're waiting for the GP 5000....WHEW....as of now I've only got up to the GP 3000...so my

thoughts now are if I can't find it with the GP3000 how can I justify the difference in cost to up-

grade to the newest and fanciest model every year or so....as for a second unit a GP 3500 would

be my next choice....now IF the GP 5000 PROVES that it will find diamonds...I'll have to do a lot

of re-adjusting on my thinking since there's a lot of diamond patches down here....

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Hey Garimpo-

So you have diamond patches in Brazil??? Have I got just the product for you!!!! Not only can you find diamonds,gold,emeralds,silver and copper- you can find them from miles away!!! :laught16::laught16::laught16: Very easy to operate. Simply turn the knob to whatever you want to look for and you will become an instant millionaire. :laught16::laught16::laught16:


Seriously though- isn't this a great country where people can scam everyone and legally get away with it by peddling this trash??? I know some people who got scammed buying this junk- one of them an older guy living on SS who saved up for one over many months. Of course he never found anything with it and was very disappointed when he found he had been done in by a con artist. $650.00 of his money wasted on this crap...


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Amigo Garimpo,

If you're thinking that anything over a 3500 would be too

complicated...for I can't think of any other reason to choose one...

put your hesitation aside. Learning the 4000 and the 4500 is no sweat.

It is a little different to get used to, but when you get it, it feels "normal"

very quickly.



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Hi Goldfinger...yep we have diamond patches here...just a few minutes ago I talked to a guy that

knows where the slaves used to dig for diamonds....about 200 miles from my house....when I was

prospecting in Papua New Guinea I called a fella in one of the southern states(USA) that had been

selling those long range machines and he answered all my questions...when we finished talking I

told him if I paid him $10,000.00 for one of his machines and it didn't work I was coming back to the

US and gut shoot him...he responded immediately that I was not the kind of customer he wanted...

Hey Amigo Flak...why not bring down one of the newest and greatest detectors and demo it for me...

I'll buy the beer....it's cold....the food is good...and ask El Dorado about the scenry...besides that

I'm old...grouchy....a tight-wad and electronically challenged...

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I don't remember if you were still there but one time at a Stanton outing a guy showed up touting one of them things, it had more dials and guages than a 747 and even had sound! He would turn it on and it would rotate and growl and point to Rich hill and he would say there's gold over there, 2 miles, lots of it.

I told him that I would hide an Oz of gold and that 1LB silver bar that I had found within 100 feet and if he could locate it in a hour only using the machine he could have it!

He started backing down but there were too many people around lisening! So a couple took him to where he could not watch me and I just took it out along side the road on the east side of camp by the old restroom and slid it under a cactus.

Well of course he didn't even come close and so many people where heckling him he left camp!! he had said I had put it in a tin can was the reason he couldn't locate it so I walked him over to it about 20' away and picked it up and showed him, then I showed him the nuggets I had in my pocket the whole time, he was spitting and sputtering and everyone was laughing.

You know I don't have much tolerance for those who plant gold and then pretend to find it just to sell something ( claims, clubs, MDs or whatever) when you do expose them then they get madder than hell and if its on a forum attact hell out of you, they don't have the guts to attact in person!

Its just like guys coming back from Vietnam and people spitting on them, I was in the airport in Seattle on a prisoner escort from Alaska and had a .45, I was in dress uniform and trying to be cool while we where waiting I had a rain coat over the hadcuffs between us, the guy was ok. So a group of them protesters walked over like they where going to spit or something and I had that .45 out and one jacked into the chamber so fast they left skid marks on the floor backing up, I told them that the man has never lived that was going to spit on me. They of course went to the cops ( in those days all you had to do was have the papers for carrying on an airliner and I had the proper papers and ID.) The cops hustled their butts out!

Scared my prisoner so bad I had to take him to the restroom!

Same thing goes today , disagree but don't spit on me and doing phony deals is spitting on someone! I tell all the newbies about the schemes around this gold thing, its just like buying a claim sight unseen off of eBay!! Why don't they just send me the money!!


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Ismael has a new mod that will bring a 3000 or 3500 just about up to the level of the 4500. A little bird in OZ told me that Minelab will claim the 5000 goes 30% deeper and word is it will be out in one month? I guess we will see. If that's the case there will be a lot of used units on the market.

A close friend knows the guy that makes the long range electroscope here in Pa. Nothing but a dowsing rod with a battery attached. I let a fellow come along on a Thunt with me who had one. I had a 2oz gold belt buckle on and that thing did not point at me and it did not point to his car when he got lost in the forest.

If you go to http://www.minelabmods.com in the forum section there is a interesting post on the 4500 by J Porter

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Food for thought Rich! When they do a mod they see what the changes are in the new units and copy some. The 4500 is just a updated 3500 with a few timings and a screen control. So they do the timings in the mod :innocent0002:

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Those mods; I get the feeling there is something to them but

leave them to the folks who understand electronics.

I do not doubt that each generation of these PI's is a mod of

some sort.

But to the original question I will stick to what I have seen for myself;

the 4500 is better than the others.

Also any discussion that JP is taking part in becomes worthy to me.

He knows a lot and people who also know quite a bit tend to

respond to his comments. I have learned many little known details from reading these threads.

All the best,


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I'm into Thunting and need a detector that goes very deep on large items. The SD2000GPM mod unit does that for me. I've had one for 4 years and use it in areas I need to do a deep search. It works :innocent0009:

Your right about the threads. The guys in OZ are good for going at it over these issues and you do pick up some interesting info. Don't get me wrong on the 4500. I just try to see through the smoke and bull on everything before I buy something. I like what I read but I'm not crazy about that battery set up.

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Folks I just got an email from Ismael today about his mods....I'm very interested also in having

him mod my GP3000....he says he's going bush in April and be gone for three months..no way to

get my machine to him in time....so I'll just bite the bullet and wait....

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"... I'm not crazy about that battery set up..."

I must have missed that part SGT.

What about the battery are you uncomfortable about?

So far I haven't been able to hunt longer than the battery life,

even running a booster and dual speakers.

It charges surprisingly quickly too.

Don't think the recall last year involved battery issues.

Although I did not have problems (as far as I could tell), with the 4500, I sent it in

during the recall anyway and it came back seemingly a touch more stable.

Always interested in learning something though...

All the best,


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Flak not that there is something wrong with it it's just that I like to keep a bunch of extra batteries ready to go. That and the cost for one. I guess I'm used to my 2000 set using gell cells. No one ever said I was normal! Just like today. I decided to run up to the park and coin shoot. I did not put new batteries in my detector or headphones. Yes after 2 hours they all went dead at the same time. I had some extra batteries in the truck. Do you have a backup battery if something goes wrong?

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No. No back-up battery.

( :yikes: )

I've never had a problem with the new ones

and of course

this guarantees that it will go flat the next time out


They are expensive true, and I have not been

lucky enough to have sustained detecting time lately (last year and a half),

where it might become an issue.

All the best,


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