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can anyone inform me of the proper charging duration for the 7.2 volt 7800 mAh battery for my GP3500??
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Hi Walter welcome to the forum.

Place battery on charger until the red light turns green. The initial charge may take as long as 24 hours. After that you can estimate it will take approximately 1 hour of charging for each hour of use. Some people have reported that the batteries seem to actually charge faster in the car than on AC.
I took this off of DOC's Site. Here is a Link.



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Looks like riches beat me to it, but I will post what I had

put together anyway.

Doc is the main guy that is the distributor, and

Rob Allison is one of his dealers at:


He sells those charging outfits, and someone there should be able to give you specifics.

In my experience with those batteries, the charging time depends on if it is the initial

charge, in the case of a new battery or a recharging of a used battery.

An initial charge on a new battery, will take in excess of 8 hours, not sure excactly the

length of time there.

Subsequent charges will depend on how long you used the detector. In this

case, the recharge time will be about how long you actually used the detector in

the field. So if you used the battery for 4 hours, your recharge time should be

in the area of 4 hours. I do have a Pocket Rocket for my GPX4000, and it uses

that particulary battery, so I do have a certain amount of experience with that


Just watch your battery's charger indicator light, and it will change color from red to green,

or a combination of red/green, when the battery is fully charged.

Hope this helps!


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