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Recent Pics From Franconia

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To all, Thought I'd finely post my Franconia pics for the last 3 months. It's nothing like Big Dog Del's adventure, but it always fun to look at the pics. All the Franconia's came from North of the tracts. Found 5 chondrites ( 27g, 23g, 107g, 44g, 342g) and five irons (1.01g, 1.4g, 2.31g, 0.86 g, and a ca. 1 grammer, somewhat heat shield orientated). The 342 grammer made the two forlorn zip days I've had at Franconia vanish from memory. These are my first Franconia irons so you get extra pics. The first iron was coated in calcium-magnesium carbonate-sulfate so I put it in 10 percent phosphoric acid for 5 minutes with a little improvement, but the corrosion had already done it's work on it. I have included the before and after acid pics of the iron no1 1.01 gram. I also included a pic of a small ca 1 gram probably Gold Basin area chondrite that I found buried 5 inches down while looking for gold nuggets in the King Tut mine area. I was hoping for a King Tut meteorite, but I don't think it is. I left the GPS address up for those who wish to continue searching there (buco nails and iron stone), or for mapping the extent of the Gold Basin strewn field. Sorry that some of the pics are so blurry, but there is only so much you can do with a digital camera and a magnifying glass. See ya out there :icon_mrgreen: , Clifton


Franconia Chon no1 in-situ 27gram 12-29-08


Franconia Chon no1 27 gram home 12-29-08


Franconia Chon no2- 23 gram 1-04-09

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Franconia iron no1- 1.01gram home 12-29-08


Franconia iron no1- 1.01 gram home after 5 min 10% H3PO4 12-29-08


Franconia iron no 2- 1.4 gram home 1-04-09


Franconia iron no3 in hole 2.31gram 1-4-09

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Gold Basin Chon no 1 ca 1 gram at King tut mine area2-1-09


Gold Basin Chon no1 ca 1 gram at King tut mine area 2-1-09 top


Gold Basin Chon no1ca 1 gram at king tut mine area 2-1-09 bottom

That's it. Clifton

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Hi Clifton,

Wow! Those are some awesome finds from Franconia, especially considering how pounded the field is.The stones have a lot of character. I think I even see an impactite on your 23 grammer. The irons are chunky too. My favorite is #3, very distinct. Nicely done.


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Awesome finds bro considering how pounded that area has been over the last couple of years. Great looking irons also! Lots of character to a couple of them.

Now go back and find more so we can see more pics. I should be out there in a week or two also.

Aloha and be safe,

Stan aka Kaimi

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To All Thanks for the kind words,

- Ben -Yea I see what might be an impact crater on the 23 gramer. There is one small (1mm) impact crater on the iron no. 1. I took a digital pic of it with Cyclops micro-camera from Toys-R-Us at 200X. It's blurry, not much dept of field. There is quite a few good impact crater photos of Franconia irons from Microman, who is probably a forum member, at the folllowing link


also Paleface - Jim Smaller posted on this forum a link to good article on impact craters on meteorites back in Oct 11, 2006, which is repeated here


See Ya Out There :icon_mrgreen: Clifton


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