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Couple Good Days--Gold & Space Rock & A Mystery--Part 2

Uncle Ron

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Yo All...So, as I mentioned in my late post last night, not only did I beep up a nice specimen--over an ounce before I cleaned it up, but 3/4 ounce final weight after I put it in an acid bath--I also found a machined screw just a few inches away...How did the screw get there? It was only down a couple inches, while the gold was down about 10 inches...Did it fall out of an airplane? ... The gold and the screw were the only targets up on the hillside...Did I find some sort of vortex that sucks metal onto a certain hillside spot???? :Huh_anim]: ...So, I hiked back in again on Saturday, confident that I was going to be in a major patch...However, after about four hours of gridding and crisscrossing the hillside, all I found were a couple of old .22 slugs...So I decided to go back down the hill in a path between the 3/4 ounce piece and the quarter ouncer I found previously...I found a small quartz stringer that was identical to the quartz on the nugget, but, alas, no more gold...As I got down to the bottom of the hill, there was an outcrop of some sort of light colored rock, and lying right on the outcrop was a meteorite...I specked it first, then swung my coil over it and it screamed!!!...Another piece of the Wickenburg Meteorite, my third this year and several miles from where I found my first two...It is somewhat oriented with good areas of crust on it...37.7 grams... :woohoo: ... I just be havin' too much fun!!!...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah






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Hey Unc, I cant speak for the meteorite, but the nugget looks grand! I think your story tells me one thing. That if it is truly the only nugget on that hillside, you do one hell of a job, swinging slow and creating/covering your grids. I would give me left nu.....um....arm to learn from someone like you.

The machine screw while I cant tell from the patina, looks like brass or manganese? It looks like it was applicable to a screw used in a marine application or maybe a bathroom fixture? Did someone up in the air take too big a dump and blow out the bathroom? :laught16:

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Nice find but much smaller then I expected based on your previous photo. I wouldn't be so sure that's part of the Wickenburg meteorite which was classified as an L-6. You mention you found the others about four miles away. While it could be part of the Wickenburg fall- there's a good chance it might be from an entirely different fall also.... :twocents: If that in fact is part of the Wickenburg fall- the strewnfield is larger then anyone thought and you can bet there's a lot more laying around. In any case- that's a great find... :whoopie:


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