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Couple Good Days--Gold & Space Rock & A Mystery

Uncle Ron

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Yo All...I've been prospecting hard in an area near Wickenburg and have been turning up quite few small nuggets in gulches that appear to be virgin as far as nuggetshooters are concerned...Yesterday, Friday, I decided to side hill all the way around a small mountain that seems to shed gold all around it's base...I was getting zero targets after a very long hike and decided just to go straight up hill where i could see a contact between quartz seams and sulfides (arsenopyrites)...As I neared the top of a ridge, I got a screaming signal...I figured it must be an old .50 calibur ball or such...I was too far back in the mountains for it to be trash, since there was no evidence of workings, although a few weeks ago I found a nice 1/4 ozt. nugget at the bottom of the mountain, maybe 500 feet downhill...The dirt was a rich red, but I still figured I was digging a chunk of lead...But, after going down about 10" the target was out of the hole...Really screaming...I got the target into my scoop and when I finally got it into my hand it was just a heavy glop of red dirt....I poured some water from my canteen into the scoop and quickly saw a glint of gold...It turned out to be a small slab of gold & quartz with a bunch of other rock attached...When I got it home, I put it in my sonic cleaner, hit it with soda and a tooth brush and then put it in a soak of hydrochloric acid for about an hour...The result was this nice 3/4 ozt. collector's piece...A little fragile around the edges, but an unusual beauty...The quartz on it is identical to the quartz nugget I found at the bottom of the hill...

After my first find,I did my usual photo frenzy, I wrapped the nugget in some toilet paper (it wouldn't fit in my nugget jar) and started beeping again...Six inches up hill, I got another screaming signal, but it had two beeps, the typical signal for a nail or tack...Well, it turned out to be a machined screw, typical of what you find on airplanes, according to my Bro in Law, a machinest...

So, I went bact today to look for what I was sure to be a patch and found a meteorite...I'm just too pooped to tell the story of that find...more tomorrow...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyaa






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Now let's see....your beeping up the hill...your starting to get tired...then you dug up a screamer..

a big beautiful piece of gold...then the next signal was a screw...

Now I think I understand why you were tired..beeped UP the mountain...found gold...got

screwed... :woohoo: congrat!!!

PS: what's the weight?....

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It gets me going when I see gold like that because your either on a pocket or your real close. Gold doesnt travel uphill and with the top of the hill over your left shoulder tells me there are many opportunities out there in the true last frontier!! Im one of those guys that has prospected with all sorts of equipment over the years, except detecting. I know it wont be easy, but after being on this forum I know that learning the art will be a major asset for me. Adding a detector with the way I prospect will help me find those small pockets that are out of reach for detectors.

Happy Hunting-SteveT

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Not wanting to "rain on your parade Ron" just want the share my good fortune also....I think

like Steve T.....gotta get better and bigger up the hill until you find the lode....

Well folks got to the Eucalyptus trees today for some good beeping...this area is so huge that's

it's difficult to know where your at at any given spot...

Since this area has been hit pretty hard for the last two months I thought I would try something

a little different....since no one down here uses DD coils except me I thought I would give it a

try using my Coiltek 19" DD ....sure did quieten the ground down..a lot of good gold came out of

three areas in the trees(about 5,000 acres)so I hoped going to a DD would increase my chances

and going 90° to the direction that the others went...this method has given me gold in the past...

5 hours of beeping snagged one + one...the others did a good job of cleaning out the one area I went to...

pics tomorrow......



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Thanks for the attaboy's guys...Don...Those are some beauties...Looks like you might be on to a real patch o'gold...WTG...Cheers, Unc

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Ron you did it right...working uphill trying to find the source..mine was all flat ground but many times

I've managed to scour up a piece or two by gridding the surrounding area of a patch that someone

else has given up on....

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Yo, Mike...Good to hear from you...Don't be such a stranger on the forums....I'm certain you've got a bunch to post....Cheers, Ron

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