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Hello fellow gold enthusiasts. I just joined your forum and I thought I would tell a little about myself. At 63 and still trying to make a living ( gotta' pay them taxes ) my time grubbing in the dirt is limited but my desire to find treasure isn't. I have found gold in several states as well as gems and interesting minerals. I even went opal mining in Mexico. . . what an experience! Idon't have a dredge but my brother does and occassionally I go with him prospecting. I do have gold pans and a Tesoro metal detector. I have tried but haven't found any nuggets using the detector yet. I belong to GPAA and hope to soon get a New 49ers membership. That may be in the future. I'll go now and get back to reading all the interesting stories on the forum. TWYSTER : :innocent0002:

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Aloha twyster,

Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of good people and info here so keep us online.

Aloha and be safe out there,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Welcome Twyster. You managed to stumble upon a pretty good forum. We all will be watching your progress if you keep us posted.

Thanks to those folks that welcomed me to thier home. I am not yet sure how everything works on this forum page but I will soon figure it out. Being an old fogey , I have an easier time working on my 51Ford tractor than I do punching numbers and letters out on a keyboard. And my typing is so frustrating to my wife she has to leave the room rather than watch the hunt @ peck war between fingers and brain. I can turn wrenches better than manipulate software. Heck, my typing teacher in my sophmore year of high school ( 1962-manual type writer -numbers and letters up on the wall ) asked me to leave the class. I thought I was doing OK; 5-6 words per minute and only one or two mistakes. Anyway, I asked her who failed, me or her? I seemed to have left the class even faster than anticipated. I think i'm rambling but again I appreciate the welcome. TWYSTER

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Welcome Twyster,

Good luck with your hunts. Great to have you in this forum. My wife also leaves the room when I am on the computer so I know how you feel. I turn wrenches at Disneyland for a living it takes my an hour to do my time sheet on this stupid thing.


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Technology! It’s amazing!

Check this out, this is what is coming down the technology pipe, for those who text message on their phones you can now speak into your phone and it will send it to the recipient as a text message, and if that was not enough now when the recipient receives this text message they can convert it to speech so they can hear it instead of reading it.

It's amazing! Just think, one day you will be able to speak into a phone and the person on the other end will be able to hear you! :innocent0009:

Tony Teixeira

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