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A Sunday Meteorite hunt!

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Hello all,

Today Bedrock Bob and I met for a day of hunting New Mexico. we got a late start and started hunting close to noon. We hunted hard for hours and then met back at the truck for a rest. We had found nothing but wire, nails, foil and the usual junk. Bob and I were anxious to start hunting again since it was getting late. We split up and just as I was about to turn off my detector and head back to the truck I got a good signal. This signal was different from the trash I had been finding. I had a good feeling about this one!

Bob, your find is only days away!

Here are the pics:





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Guest bedrock bob

I would like to say that Dean is not lucky at all. He was the LEAST lucky of five guys on the hill and found the biggest meteorite! Luck has nothing to do with Dean's hunting style. He hunted harder and longer than anyone out there that day and made his find by the sheer will to keep looking. No tricks, no secret formula, no special spot... Just will power and constant movement. He probably covered four or five times the ground as any of us.

As for me, I ran out of batteries for the SD2100, dug hot ground with the GBII and bullshitted at the truck until the sun went down and my bananna froze (it was my dinner guys, I know what you are thinking). I was eating that frozen bananna when Dean came walking up with a rock in his hand. No mystery as to who was going to find the iron yesterday!

I had a great day Dean! It was a great pleasure meeting and hunting with you. It was also a great fortune to meet up with a few native NEW MEXICAN meteorite hunters that know and regularly hunt the strewn field. The knowledge shared yesterday will definiitely put a lot more meteorites in the poke and cut down on the effort it takes to find one of these items.

So, no posts in this section for me this week. If I can get an internet connection tonight I will post my Saturday finds over in the treasure and relics forum. That darn machine just wants to find silver. I guess I am going to have to teach it to find iron now?

Bedrock Bob

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That's a nice looking find, and it looks like an iron to me.

I think that happens a lot - at the end of the day, just around the last turn and you are thinking "i'm going home empty handed," and suddenly 'there it is' your best find in a while.

Keeps me coming back.



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Hi Dean,

You have come back from the Tucson Show with some serious motivation! Wow Dean, you're on fire! That is one sweet-looking Glorieta! Can't wait to see some close-ups of it. Congrats on a great. Hard work DOES pay off.


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Aloha Dean,

Awesome looking specimen! Worth every inch,foot,yard or mile you walked I bet. And who says persistance doesnt pay?

aloha and be safe out there,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Guest bedrock bob
G'Day Dean and Bob

That's one awesome find. So I gather the Glorietta field has calmed down a little bit. But from the looks of both of you guys, it was darn cold!

Great find. Congratulations.




The natives are restless at Glorieta. It is darn tough to get a place to hunt and it is pretty freaking hammered. I live 20 miles from the strewn field and this is the first time I have hunted there for a year. I go 350 mile sone way to hunt gold because of the situation. It aint easy and it will get a lot tougher this spring. It would pay for hunters to tread very lightly.

'Bout 20 at sunset. Teens or below at night. Bring your sheepskin.


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Way to Go Dean, that is a Dam nice piece, I am happy for you :whoopie: :bowdown: Looking forward to getting back over there and hunting with you again. I say it wont be long now.

Congrats My friend

It was good to see you in Tucson, thanks for thee drink, I'll buy at the roadhouse on the next trip over.


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Steve, It is a Glorieta siderite, I wish it was a random find. I am working on a few other falls here in New Mexico. This summer

I will hit a few new areas hard with friends I have hunted with. You never know, just might find something else. New Mexico has had quite a few falls!

Bob, it was nice to have finally met you as well as spending some time hitting the hills. We will do it again, it's only a matter of time before your first find! The guys we met were very nice guys and were not hesitant to share the knowledge they have gathered over the years! It's no wonder he has done so well. I will be waiting for the phone call from you when you make your find. Thanks for the kind words. Se mira en la mantanas amigo.

Greg, Hey you are right I have made my best finds on the way back to my vehicle because I don't give up. I detect until I get that monster signal form my truck. I have to laugh every time I get back cause I'm sure people think I am nuts.

Ben, Motivated for sure! With great mentors like you and Erik how can I not be motivated! It will be a good year for all of us. I had mentioned to you what I have been working on recently, its looking good. Ill let you know. Thanks Ben.

Kaimi, how you doing my friend? Miles my friend.......miles! My boots are already worn and I have not had them to long. Thanks Kaimi!

Johnno, Thanks, actually Bob is right. The guy we talked to said they are fed up with all the folks who sneak around the area without permission or bring a boat load of people with them to hunt. This guy knows every vehicle which belong in the area not to mention the vehicles which do not. He said they are all watching out and will not be so tolerable this year as years past.

Freelancer, thanks buddy!

Travis, Thanks for the good words. Once it warms up, lets go! Thanks again. The Roadhouse, hmmm....a steak and cold beers heck yeah! Of course that shouldn't be a problem after all the last finds you made!!! Good to visit with you guys in Tucson this year.

here are a few pics of this space rock cleaned. Thanks all!





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Aloha Dean,

Now that we can see the awesome shape I must say "WOOF"! That is one strange looking specimen, definitely a keeper. That should make a great looking display for your collection.

BTW, check your pm's and hope it works for you like it did for me.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Mike, hey I am jealous of all the great places you have available to hunt in Arizona too! It is tough hunting for sure as I have lots of scaberites to prove it. Not to mention I lost two pair of Bolle sunglasses in the last year! Thanks Mike.

Wayne, thanks a bunch for the support. You just sent some great luck my way! Ill keep yall posted.

Billy, What!! you got the ol skunk? I don't believe it. I have had many many days of that pest!

Erik, Thanks!! It kinda looks beat up. I am thinking I will have it prepped so I can etch it one of these days. What do you think?

Kaimi, It looks good sitting on the shelf. I think its time to make a display case and take better care of them this year. Thanks for the heads up reference the pm. Sent you one back. Thanks again Stan!

Doug, Thanks I'll keep an eye out for ya.

Thanks guys!


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thanks buddy, It was a hard hunt that day for sure. How goes it with you? It is going to be a good year for all of us!! Look at the Texas fall. Can't wait to see what turns up!


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