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Yo All...Here's some gifts I had made up for Dodacious...(El Dorado did the large 1/2 oz pendant for me and repaired the seven nugget necklace.) The nugget hanging lowest is the first over 2 Dwt. nugget I ever found dredging in the Trinity Alps 30 years ago. The womenfolks likes these baubles... :icon_mrgreen: ... Cheers, Unc


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Looks great Ron. Think how many miles you had to walk to get those nuggets. Looks like your sweetie is happy with the gift. Tell her she will never be poor as long as she keeps your love around her neck!

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Unc Ron....you sly old devil. :evil1: with a mouth full of sweet words while hanging gold around

her neck ....she didn't stand a chance.. :innocent0002: and as usual El Dorado tied the ribbon

on that package with his superior gold works.....

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Yep, I see that smile! As long as we can keep the ladies happy them kitchen passes keep coming and give us more time in the fields. El Dorado, learned early...gold and diamonds are a ladies favorites...he does add the extra Bling to our labors of love.


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Nice one Ron. Gotta keep the fairer sex happy eh? Still, if she was wearing all that and my wife saw her at

Malibu when we use to hunt there all the time, we'd happily offer her oily suntan lotion to smear on before

she went swimming........and then wait for low tide with the tectors......*grin*

HH - Johnny

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