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What is the best way to travel?


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I have a few questions for you guys!

When I go prospecting Im always in heavy timber. I usually go as far as the gravel will take me, set up camp and hike around or ride my little Honda bike.

I am trying to figure out the best way to travel OR,CA,NV,AZ on an extended trip metal detecting. If I were going alone it would be easy but my girlfriend will be going so the way I usually camp wont work!!

What Im thinking about doing is buying a class C and tow an enclosed trailer like a Wells Cargo that will hold 2 quads. Whatever I do it will cost me some coin so I dont want to make the wrong choices.

I CANT MAKE UP MY MIND!!! :Huh_anim]:

1. 3/4 Ton truck and a toy hauler trailer.

2. Class C with a quad trailer.

3. 1 ton flat bed for quads with conventional travel trailer.

How many of you would consider a quad manditory equipment.

I dont want to spend more than $20K so I will be buying used!

Any suggestions would be appreciated,


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I would think a class C would be a bit more comfortable.....especially with your girlfriend along?

By the way Steve....MY RV just did 55 down the highway...I am soooooo happy and relieved. :whoopie:

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Hi Steve I would go with option 1. The toy hauler will be comfy enough for camping or should be anyways. If you need to run into

town for some reason you will have your truck and you will have the quads for exploring. If I had the money that is what I would



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Aloha Steve,

Once gas starts to go up again you will be so happy you went with option 1. check out the new lite travel trailers available at most of the rv centers. A lot of good deals are out now because of the bad economy some of the dealers are giving some great rebates too.

Good luck with your search.


Stan aka Kaimi

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I find #1 works the best for the wife and I. We have lived in ours for the last 3 years

full time. It's our only home and works quite well. :icon_mrgreen:

Follow the sun, work when I want :innocent0009:


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NV. Chris,

After lookin at your setup, I can just picture myself, kickin back, scratchin by big dog stevie jr. My 130 watt solar panel will fit on there. I can make the great room into anything I want!! :laught16:

All BS aside, I think your right. The picture is worth a thousand words! common sense is a wonderful thing!! It will cost a little more, but that is fine with me. It will work ! What it comes down to is room for the quads, a good space to live in if you set it up right, and being able to hit the shopping areas is important :coffeetime:

Thanks, SteveT

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Hi Steve and All

The toy haulers are really cool inventions :idea: . If you go that route get one with a generator and fueling station :whoopie: . The toyhauler /pickup combo can virtually get you anywhere and if it's too tough you can drop the trailer make camp load your quad in the pickup if it's still 25 miles to go as far as your truck then quad from there :shrug: !! What ever you do don't buy one of those dustmobiles Roger calls a quad :POsmiley01: . Ten minute in one of those on a dirt road and you look like the pillsberry dough boy :nutty: !! And you be hackin up dirt clods for a week or 2 :sick0021: !! Most RV's are reasonably cheap right now too :woohoo: !! Soo are chevies and dustmobiles because thier owners died from mesothelioma or chocked to death, chocking up a dirt ball :Huh_anim]: !! I have a 24 foot toy hauler ,700 polaris and a 1/2 ton hemi for towing it and Rogers monster rig out trouble :innocent0002: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Thanks everybody,

Hey John B, I dont know what you mean by dustmobile, I will be buying 2 quads, and the dust thing doesnt sound too good!! Will my Honda enduro work in the desert. I will take it also as it doesnt take up too much space!! :innocent0002:


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Hi Steve

Roger D's dustmobile is a rhino , hippo or something like that that looks like a high suspention golf cart with a windshield diverting the dust from the front tires into and on the persons sitting in the seats :Huh_anim]: !! They are just about as practicle as fords and chevies :laught16: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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hi Steve,

My personal experience would lean toward a toyhauler as your best choice. Just make sure that you don't get the model that ROGER D. has. You know, the model with the built-in kangaroo rats that are trained to beg for scraps and climb up your leg if you don't share your beer. They don't just shoo-away either! The raccoon model is nice but, the droppings are larger.


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As a rough camper I would say option #1 is the easiest. But you did state that you will be bringing your girlfriend? I currently have both options available to me, but when my wife goes, I tow the quad trailer behind the Class C. But everyone who knows me, knows that if the trailer is rockin', well I am sure you know the rest?

The only thing I find challenging, is if the mountain roads get too rough. Then I have to use the quads a bit more than I like. As these old bones are starting to ache, its a hassle. From some of the previous posts I have read, at least with a Class C, you can bring as much booze as you want and not have to go back to the store anyway.

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Why is everybody always pickin on me. :laught16:

John B has a good point about parking the toy hauler, loading the quad in the hemi and heading out!! Logical! :coffeetime: Plus, if you want to make a fast trip to town, you dont have to break camp!!

Happy Hunting- SteveT

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Regarding Toy Haulers, I have one word of advice:


Get their Trailer Tongue Weight Scale. Checkout:


I had a 2007 Keystone NRG 230FS. Keystone speced the tongue weight at 1080 lbs. My equalizer hitch is rated for 1200 lbs.

This toy hauler towed like a pig, and after several trips I began to suspect that I may have a tongue weight issue. Well, the Sherline scale confirmed my suspicions. The actual dry tongue weight was over 1300 lbs, and with the water tank full the tongue weight was over 1800 lbs! Yes I understand that adding a couple of 4 wheelers in the back will help to balance and lighten the tongue, but some toy haulers are designed poorly, and you will never know if you are towing with a safe tongue weight unless you check it with a scale. For me the only safe solution was to tow the rig with the water tank empty - less than ideal.

Anyone who tows a trailer soon learns the importance of proper loading. With a toy hauler and the potential haul up 2000 lbs in the cargo bay, proper balance becomes critical. Also take any manufacturers dry trailer weights with a grain of salt, especially toy haulers. My NRG was suppose to weigh 6600 lbs empty, actual weight was closer to 8000 lbs!

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Good post Dan,

I've been towing all of my licensed life. I can't stress enough the dangers of towing with a truck thats borderlines the ratings (anything with a bow tie). Give yourself a healthy

margin of safety.

I feel it is unnecessary to buy a $110 scale when any good RV dealer will preform the service for you. After all once armed with the information that you beyond the rating what

would be your next step? I can see it's usefulness if you towing a haul trailer where your loads change.

As for the manufactures listed weight keep in mind this is a no options bare bones unit hence the difference in actual weights.

If it's your first time towing an RV or you suspect any thing could be amiss conceder having your dealer's service writer road test your loaded rig.

If you're getting ready to buy do your homework, A good place to start is the web rv.net Find a dealer that has a highly rated service department.

This is one purchase where the cheapest can cost more than dollars in the long run.


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You are correct that with a standard travel trailer once you figure out how to safely load it you don't need to check the tongue weight on every outing. The problem comes as you point out regrading the variable loading of a utility trailer, also applies to a toy hauler. In the simplest definition, a toy hauler is a travel trailer with a utility trailer stuck on the back. When you vary the load in a toy hauler, you really need to know how it will effect the tongue weight. Most of the time my Sherline scale is used to hold the door to my office open, but when I need it - it's nice to have. My friends like to borrow it as well...

For anyone new to towing a trailer be sure to read Sherlines "Trailer Loading and Towing Guide".


Also be sure to check out "Trailer Disasters and Near Disasters".


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G'day Steve...heres my 5 cents worth mate.

A 4WD ( drive to where you wanna go ) ....2X Cots, 2 poles and a large Tarp. My wife and I use the 4WD to get into tight tricky places where usually only the

ATV crowds think they can go, and run the tarp from the roofracks out to two poles, and put two cots underneath.

Simple, easy, and what Aussies and Kiwis ( New Zealanders ) do all the time when outdoors. Theres no TV and no other

amenities, but its cheap, saves money and its back to basics. Why haul some bloody monstrosity around? Pain in the arse and fuel is

not cheap also. We can throw all that we need on the roof basket, and everything else in the back. Easy peasy.

You can spend whats leftover on something you really need...( box of Tequila, Minelab )

HH - Johnny

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