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Is there any "Typical Standard Agreement"

OldSkool Fool

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Like a 50/50 split or is it just the best deal you can make??

I was really just wondering where a good starting point is, seemed like 50/50 would be fair in most cases, it's his gold that he may or may not know is even there, but I am doing the hard work to find and recover it....

I Was initially wanting to figure out how to best approach or somehow advertise to people that own property along prime gold country around Prescott, i.e. Lynx or Big Bug etc., to let me do a little prospecting on their stretch of creek, but after making a few trips up that way and seeing all the big bold lettered private property signs, most of them would seem to be unapproachable. I am sure it is something they are asked continually... and besides, why would they trust a stranger to even give them their fair agreed upon share of the valuable yellow stuff??

Then I recently found out somebody I know has an old patented gold mine on their property... So I guess in this case, not having to find it, would 50/50 still be fair?? I really don't think it means too much too them or maybe it is just money in the bank making their property more valuable... not really sure, but it was mentioned in conversation as if it was some old well that needed to be filled in. I was thinking about asking if they ever intended to work it or had any plans for it. At least find out what shape it is in... but I would really like to go check it out and see if maybe there is even some tailing piles I could take some samples out of and pan out. Just wondering what I should offer them to come out and poke around on their property, besides some sort of guarantee that if I hurt myself, I wont sue them... I really have no interest in going down a vertical shaft at this point, which is mostly what I have found so far, on my desert explorations, but I would love to check out a horizontal shaft mine after taking some precautions... This is somewhere out in the Tonto forest a few miles past the Bartlett lake turnoff, have not heard much about gold out that way from everything I have read so far. Not sure how much they even know about this mine, but what else should I be asking about it??

Any input would be greatly appreciated

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:laught16: 50/50%--no way Jose-never in 50+ years a mining have I ever paid more than 20% to a NON WORKING partner!! I have a standard form that lays out-liability,term, %,terms,covenants and restrictions too. tons a au 2 u 2 -John
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Here's how I propose a "split" with the landowner, and this only if he asks.

The first nugget is mine. The second is his, unless it's bigger than the first. The third is mine, the forth his, and so on. However, the first pick is always mine to make. This may depend on size, character, or other factors. You wouldn't want to get into a situation where the first found is a 2 dwt (yours) and the second is a 2 ozer (his).

Generally, there isn't going to be a lot found the first time out in a new place so this usually works. If you get into a really hot spot where you are pulling out several ounces, then you can bet the landowner is going to kick you off and buy his own detector. Not always, but most of the time that's what happens.

The biggest fear of any landowner is the liability. There are lots of standard forms available on the internet you can print out and have already sighed that you can hand to any landlord.

Digger Bob

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If that mine is patented there is a big chance it is listed on minedat.

All you need is the general coords to check it for what kind of minerals

it produced if any. Might save you some time,and it may tell you enough

to make it worth your while to check further.

Making an offer to split ,should not be done until you have prospected,

and tested the ore. Sometimes you can't afford to work a mine if you

got to keep everything. Five to seven percent is considered a normal

split to the property owners with a good mine. Remember they are not

spending anything or taking any liability.

Now if you are just talking about detecting or rummaging through the

dump,then it depends on what the owner is willing to charge you for playing

on their land. Some owners won't let you in for any amount,some will just

tell you to have at it if they like you,and you sign a release.

If it is a old and proven workings and the owner knows it,they will only

work with a legitimate mining company,that can bond and insure.

Run like the wind from anyone that offers to work a split working an old

mine to a greenhorn without insurance,bonding or credentials. They are

most likely mining greenhorns. :laught16:

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