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A question for John Blennert


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Hi John

I was told by Reg over at the Whites TDI forum that you were the best man to ask about goldmasters.

In the 48 -51 khz version of the GM there have been i believe 5 models. V-Sat, GM 2, GM 3, GM 4B and GMT.

I read on another forum some time back that the best of them all was the GM 3. I at one time owned a GMT,

and other than the fact that it wasn't hip mountable thought that it was a pretty good detector.

In your opinion what model do you think was the best in terms of sensitivity and ease of use. The reason i ask is

I am going to probably try another one sometime this year.

Thanks for your help.

Turtleman :icon_mrgreen:

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Well, I'm not John B. but I can throw my 2 cents in here if I may.

I've been a Whites dealer for 29 years and have used all of the Goldmasters at one time or another. The one that I kept and still use is the GM3 with the mono loop. It's a bit trickier to keep balanced and you dig more hot rocks, but I like it the best. And most of the other guys that I hunt with or have contact with prefer it to the others. A lot of it is what you get used to. With practice and persistence, you get to know your machine and what it's telling you.

Digger Bob

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Hi Turtleman , Digger Bob and All

I second what Bob has said exactly :bowdown: . I've never owned the GM4 or GMT so my knowledge on them is minimal :hmmmmmm: . I think the only real difference between the GM3 and GM4 is touch pad and display !! I prefer the GM3 using the goldmax mono coil and I harness mount the box :icon_mrgreen: . Harness mounting the box was a big factor on why I never liked or considered the 4 or GMT :Huh_anim]: . All of the GM series detectors the coils are interchangable and sensetivity similar. The GM3 and GM4 have a 3x and 5x enhance mode giving you an opportunity to find pieces of gold the size of a nats gonads (sub grain) and still maintain respectable depth on larger deeper targets :woohoo: . I never thought tooo much of whites DD coils although some of my friends like them :nutty: . There were 2 styles of the goldmaster 2 the early model and later model. The early model lacked the xtra grnd salt setting and used a 1/4 inch coil bolt. All models since use a 3/8 inch coil bolt. Whites :innocent0002: figured out what minelab :confused0013: can't that the 1/4 inch coil bolts break when your in the middle of nowhere :angry-smiley-010: . The variable frequencies were only from the GM3 forward allowwing you to hunt next to another GM. I still own a couple of vsats for friends and 2 GM3s which are my personal favorites. If you have any specific questions shoot away :shrug: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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I have a GM3,and it is my favorite machine to use out of

all the detectors we have,for what I do. Great little prospecting

machine,and perfect for having around while drywashing.

The best part is that it will find the gold. The darn little thing will

surprise you on depth too at times. :laught16:

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Hi Turtleman

In General VLF discriminators are far more accurate than PIs . The only thing a discriminator will do is blank out or chatter up on ferrous (iron) targets. I don;t think there is much difference between the GB2 or the GM series But I really have no experience with the GB2. Non of them are 100% accurate but the more you use them the better you will get with it. The accuracy has alot to do with the operator experience and conditions your hunting in. If your in very highly mineralized ground the become less accurate and visa versa. These vlf detectors have a language that you will have to learn and the more time you have on them the more you will understand what it's telling you. Good Luck !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi Dave

If your goldmaster2 has an original coil it is most certainly a mono coil. It probably says long scan on the label. The DD coil came out about the time the GM4 was introduced and many of the first produced were faulty or didn't last long before going south. I think they are called twin d or something like that. On the mono coils targets are heard all around the outside edges of the coil and it creates a cone pattern .On the DD the sweat spot is straight up the center from heal to toe. The mono coils have a greater depth ability in thier sweet spot dead center where the dd coil will cut a flat knife blade pattern in the ground at pretty much the same depth heal to toe. The dd coil was designed to allow the user to use a higher gain or sensetivity in hotter ground and maintain stability. The Goldmax 13" coil is a mono coil. They have DD coils of the same size for the MXT I think but not for the goldmaster series Maybe Digger Bob could shed some light on this as to what is currently available. Buyer beware the hot shot 12 inch donut coils for the goldmaster series are plain junk and false to much to be anygood. I have found lots of specimens and the famous invisible nuggets up to about about 4 dwt that my minelabs won't make a fart on . I've heard of much larger pieces but I haven't found them or ain't tested them. If the gold is coarse and spongey,wires or crystillene ( not crystalized) or diseminated many of these are very difficult for the PI detectors to detect and many are totally ignored by them . Yet the VLFs love this stuff and they are screamers on most of the gold type vlfs. If your hunting in the vicinity of the lode you will certainly walk over detectable gold hunting and never know it's there with a PI . This is the turf and domain of the gold bugs and goldmasters and other quality VLF gold machines. Also very trashy areas are great places for these machines where one can pick and choose his targets to dig. The PI hear so much off the sides that in trashy areas it all one can do to isolate a target before one goes deaf from ear damage :angry-smiley-010: . Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi Guys,

VLF's can't use mono coils. The two types generally used are concentric and DD types. The standard is usually the concentric model. Generally, this type of coil is more sensitive to small gold, but is also more difficult to ground balance and touchier to ground conditions.

The DD model lacks some of the sensitivity of the concentric when it comes to small gold, but is much easier to ground balance and less ground sensitive.

John B. and Digger Bob

John, I tried to send you a couple of emails regarding the goldmaster forum over on the TDI forum list. I am hoping to get a few regular users to offer their expertise in a VLF forum. I hope both of you will toss the same info in that forum also.

Here is the link;


Just drop down to the goldmaster forum when you get a chance and add your ideas and recommendations.


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Hi Reg and All

Reg I had no idea there was a difference between mono and concentric ?? My mistake and I'm sure your correct ?? OOn your forum I asked if the TDI would hear the invisible nuggets ?? I'm certain there are some variables but I'm curious to your thoughts ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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