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Yo George..Hollar out

My friend..How are you fairing?

I know these times are difficult, but your friends here are ready to give support...I/We miss your contact, wisdom and observations...

'Course, with all the "global warming" going on maybe you got caught in a flash floote and are surfing somewhere off Hawaii????

Best wishes for you, My friend...Cheers, Ron

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Yikes Friends hadn't realized I havent posted in a while..I ran around in a fog for a while had to deal with another issue but I am going to be a survivor and believe me I am very happy about that......I bought a Townhouse in Bristol Tn to be near my son and his family I probably won't get to come over this year but will be going back to Ak the 31st of Mar to pay taxes and help my friends stage stuff for the Moore creek adventure this spring. Will be looking forward to that as I plan to spend some time there and will get to chat with some of you that come up to hunt for that elusive Ak Gold. I still have my place in Ak and will spend part of the time there and part of the time in Tn maybe next year I can get my camper outside and do some traveling sure miss Decision Corner and John B's place had some great times there for sure......I will be back and I thank you all for the kind words........Regards Geo

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