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Ringing in my ears

Guest goldstudmuffin

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi All,

I woke up at 2:00 AM Thursday morning to a loud ringing in my left ear. :zzzzz::WOW: I've had ringing in both ears before after shooting my 44 mag without ear plugs and I've shot many guns that caused ringing in the ears that lasted for hours. But this hasen't happened in the last 15 years and this kind of scared me because it was only in one ear and I had not been shooting. I could not go back to sleep because the ringing was so bad. :grrr01: The next morning I realized I've been hunting for the last 2 days with the volume on my 4000 at max or near max, and when I use my 2100 it has an amp I run near max also and my blackwidow headphones at max. :headphones:

I know we all want to hear every little faint singal we can and try to use every advantage we can but at what cost? Are you willing to damage your hearing to hear those faint little targets? How many cans can you run your detector over before you start to damage your hearing. I turned the volume down from 40 to 18 on the GPX 4000 and I think it sounded just as good as when the volume was maxed out. Do yourselves a favor, throw a small test nugget on the ground and then turn your amps, headphones and volume down on your detector half way and see if you lost anything. I don't think you'll lose anything and you'll still be able to hear those faint nuggets when your 85. :banged:

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What you are talking about is called tinimens. It is the damage created in the folicles of the ear. They ring for awhile and then they go dead. You can kill the folicles quickly, but it takes years for some to grow.

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When you get as old as me, you have hair growing in your ears, on your ears, everywhere, except on top of your head, So if anyone needs some ear hair! let me know! I have plenty for everyone! :laught16::laught16::laught16: Grubstake

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I have the same problem. Thought it was from shooting those 50"s on the Swiftboat in Nam but figured out it was from my wife asking for money.

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Tinnitus is common among us Military Vet's, working on running jet engines, guns, cannons...a pist-off Old Sarg in your face. You live with it and press on. It does get worse when you drink and sometimes my wife thinks I'm not listening to her which is good and bad at times.


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I've had that constant ringing in my ears for so long I now

don't pay attention to it, except now that you guys brought

brought the subject up. :coffeetime:

Must have started way back when we armed/de-armed the jets just

before/after takeoff/landings, and before they made us wear ear protection :headphones:

at all times...

I guess all it is good for, is filtering out those pesky quiet

sounds those little nuggies make... :laught16:


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I have the same problem as well Russ and have had for years.... I have to use headphones as too much outside noise masks the signal for me so speakers are out.

Now I also have a pinched nerve in my neck or??? they are not sure yet, but it causes my left arm to go numb and sometimes it is really bad. Doc said 20 years of detecting it the same posture and motion is a likely part of the problem as well as old age....

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Dang Bill, yer scarin' me!

Those numb arms are no fun, nor are the cricks in the neck!

When I go to wallymart, and push a shopping basket, sometimes

my arms will go numb, and feel heavy like as one of those fire logs..dead.

After a while it goes away, but it seems when the arm gets bent in that position,

something gets pinched, happens driving sometimes too.

Or sometime just walking.

On thing I decided I was not going to do any more was to do a one handed,

tough guy pick scrape on a target, not wanting to put my detector down. I know everyone

has done it, but it ain't good for your body at all!

One thing that has helped my back A LOT, is an inversion table, that will

put your back back into alignment, if you give enough time, for your

muscles to relax. Depends on how bad your back is before you try one.

The army uses this method to get soldiers who carry heavy loads for a long time

in the field fixed up. Of course I never heard about it when I was in the service.

Some chiropractors use them, but may not openly recommend them, as they may

lose some business, but the investment in a table really helped me. But, one

solution may not be good for everyone.

Good to see you post, and hope you can get some relief soon!


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