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SD detector interference / trick


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As we all know the older SD Minelab detectors (2000, 2100, 2200) can pick up more noise from interference than the new units. Not all interference comes from outside the detector. You also get internal EMF and static interference from inside the unit. Here is a little trick I picked up from Ismael Jones a while back. Put some regular steel wool in a couple sealable plastic bags. The little type you use for jewelry or small items. Make sure you get zero steel wool sticking out. I double seal my bags. Place these inside the detector control box. They will dampen the interference! The theory is they absorb all the internal EMF and static.

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I placed 3 small bags inside my unit. I received a new 6" coil and tried it out in the house. It's 7 degrees outside. On my 2000 GPM cranked up to full voltage I had very little noise from electrical interference. I did get some noise from my Wife over the dirt on the white carpet. In the past I would get a huge level of interference in the house. Ismael said they used to place them in radios when he was in the service to cut down on the interference. He thought if it worked on that it would work on the Minelabs. Works in my unit.

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So Frank,

You put these bags w/ steel wool inside the control box of your unit?

That is very cool. I am not an engineer, but I love folk remedies like this one.

I wonder (of course), whether the newer units have handled the interference using another method

or whether this would work for them too.

How's winter back there? My daughter and I were in Wash. D. C. a couple of weeks ago

and froze our little California butts off.

All the best,


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I thought the new units did not make noise.

Stay out of DC, it's not safe. A old Detective friend from DC calls it Dodge City. Even the Police get out of town before dark.

It's been COLD for several months with only one period of snow. I've had it! I sent to Russia for a big black leather and fur hat to wear at work to keep my bald head warm. Everyone is jealous of my Russian hat. That's why they laugh when they look at it on my head. The first time I wore it to work this week the Chief tried it on and danced up and down the hall like a crazy Russian for a hour. They took a photo of me with my hat on and I'll post it later. If you laugh then I'll know your jealous. Then again you desert dwellers don't know about Russian hat's.

The crazy look in my eye's is from too much of the COLD. Or perhaps I'm just nuts.



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I'm retiring at the end of the year. I'll need to come out and start looking for a house when I finish up here. Looks like house prices will be just right about then. My wife's sister has a big house in Scottsdale and I can use that as a base. I can't take another winter here!

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Well I think for lots of us who have read your interesting posts

for years now, that is welcome news. Keep us posted on how

your plans are materializing.

As far as the winters go, I couldn't agree with you more.

I was born in New York, upstate and I can't for the life of

me understand how people continue to put up with the misery

of cold weather - I understand that's just me, but it seems nuts.

All the best, stay warm :1zhelp:


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Hey you guys with the electrical smarts...

What would happen if you put some of that reflective tape used on

furnace ducting on your control box???

Or some of that reflective bubble wrap??? (It's not sticky)


Or on the top of your coil, maybe to knock out some

the suns EM interference?

It would not interfere (I don't think) with the coils output in a negative way,

very much like Jonathan Porter taping a coin to the top of coil. It wouldn't

see it, as it is moving WITH it.

You may have created a monster... :hmmmmmm: :ROFL:

...be kind now...


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My son-in-law went to Russia a while back on a business trip,

brought me a Rusky hat like yours, complete with a red star insignia...

However, My boss thought it a novel thing when I brought it to work,

but didn't think it would be such a good thing for me to wear on the job. :POsmiley01:

Maybe he thought it would clash with my BDU's... :shrug:


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