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My Meteorite Cane

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Tell me what you think. Good idea? The cane is made from an old walking cane w/ arm support. The clip is to hook it to my Camelback when I am not using it. The handle has 2 magnets from an old hard drive. The duck tape is to prevent black sand sticking to the N42 (1"x3") magnet. Its not beautiful but it works great.





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Some nice thought was put into your cane you made. Easy to handle I bet compared to what I use.

It could also help you get out of an area when the old skunk a bites ye, he he.


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Guest bedrock bob

It is pretty cool. You could hunt until your knees gave out and use it to get back to the truck as long as the meteorites didnt build up too thick on the magnets as you hobbled along.


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Hi Dustin, your cane is excellent! You really put a lot of thought into it. I have made a few canes myself. What works best for me instead of the duct tape, is to wrap the magnets with saran wrap before you tape over them. That way it's easier to change the wrapping. That duct tape can be a B#@ch to remove once it gets shredded in use! Here's a couple of photo's of my magnet array that I hunt with in the Park Forest strewnfield. The magnets are N42 Grade 2" od X 1/4" id X 3/8 thick.




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