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APS Saguaro update

lotsa luck

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Mr. Bunnell called me today and I also spoke with Chairman Mayes of the Arizona Corporation Commission in regards to the Youtube video I posted last week showing the shredding of the Saguaros near the APS lines.

Mr. Bunnell called to inform me that they had a lengthy meeting today on the subject and are exploring less destructive methods of attaining their goals including relocation of the remaining Saguaros and "possibly" taking the transmission lines out of service during this off peak usage season to aid in relocating the ones closest to the lines. I think that is a very positive step for APS to consider and hope they can utilize any such disconnect to do any additional line service they may need concurrently.

Chairman Mayes was interested in my first hand perspective of what APS was doing as until she was directed to the video the commission had no knowledge of the clearing or that protected species were being mowed down. it sounds like they are trying to work along with other agencies to address the issue also.

Both parties made commitments to keep me updated on the process and decisions and I'll pass that on here since many of you who voiced your opinion shared in getting this clearing modified in a positive direction for all.

Thank you.

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Bob-good article in the paper and I saw your video on channel 15 last night so no way APS can hide from the whole mess. I still want to see proof of their claim that an arcing incident ever occurred from a cactus.

Funny you mentioned that because so does the CC in their letter to APS. So far nothing.

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G'Day LL and All

Sorry guys, I've been absent for the last couple of weeks putting together a little project, which I don't want to mention here until Bill gives me the OK. Enough said on that.

You truly have restored my faith in human beings. One of the most impressive stains on Kat and my memory is standing in amazement at a truly majestic saguaro, a true desert wonder and one to be respected. I was appalled to see the video and proud of all the comments from all of the members here. Now that I've seen this, I will start to act.

LL, my hat's off to you, mate. You've done a great service. Thanks!


Johnno & Kat

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DARNED YOU, JOHNNO!!! When I clicked on that link and the picture loaded, I thought I was looking at a Mesicun Scud Missile Launcher getting ready for the big push north into the southwest US.

I hear Pancho Villa and Moctezuma are both really pissed and they want their revenge. Pun intended. he he he

Cheers, lvlagnum.

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Wow can you imagine launching a saguaro into a bunch of troops? that would slow them down. Then you could have a potato cannon that launched cholla cactus balls!!!!!

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