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Meteorite I hope!

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As you know while out detecting for gold, you run across a few hot rock and they stick to my rare earth magnet. This one gave a tone on my Minelab and did stick to my magnet, but not like a chunk of steel. I took it home and scrubbed it, a little green on one of the photo's, the next with a filed window, looks like metal, and a black streak test on porcelain.

What do you experts think? If not, I'll keep looking!




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LL, usually a black streak is Magnetite and or Hematite. There may be some streak on a weathered meteorite, but once that is gone, there should not be one. Also, other things to look for, the so called "thumb prints", a fusion crust from ablation, and chondrules. Better luck next time... Jason :;):

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I would agree with the other posts, most likey Hematite. Just keep looking and I am sure you will find one. Where do you live AZ? CA? NV?

Actually, most likely Magnetite since the streak test was black................. Hematite will usually streak reddish brown to blood red.............


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