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Nuggethunting in Arizona ..my best options?


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Hi there. I aim to be heading down to Arizona in a few days for a few weeks of vacation time. That being the case, what would be the best way of getting some quality nuggethunting time in? Seeing as the price of gold has gone up somewhat, I expect that there's been a staking rush and I don't intend to detect on somebody's claim without permission, and walking around trying to find a free patch can be rather frustrating. I suppose that there's always the GPAA route, but I wonder how good their claims are. What do you guys figure is the best bet? ..Willy.

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If your somewhat familiar with the area your going to be in check out the geocommunicator at the Blm web site for claimed areas. Here's a link http://www.geocommunicator.gov/GeoComm/index.shtm. After you find some likely areas you may want to call and check to make sure the area is open. From what I've heard the info on the goecomm may not be up to date. The menu on the right side will let you control overlay data. you can use it to find state, federal,Blm land and open /closed claims.

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