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This is the second topic I've ever posted. The top nuggets are from 2008 and the bottom ones are 2004. The bottom center that looks like a shark tooth is the deepest detected one at 2.1 grams at 12 inches down through clay and false bedrock. The top 2 largest I dug up 2 or 3 months ago on the same day for a total that day of 7 grams, they are 1.8 and 2.3 gram. Most all came from 16 miles from Auburn, California in a hydraulic pit. My usual finds are flakes less than 1/8 inch. For a number of months I almost thought I could make a living when I was averaging about a pennyweight a day. But so far my last 7 times out I've come up with zero for gold. Guess I have to find a job and work for the "man" unless somebody needs a hand working their claim, or willing to let me for a percentage work a claim. post-3817-1233217168_thumb.jpg

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Thanks richs, I did not mention I've been using only a Whites GM3 with stock mono coil for 10 years. I swear I can get almost twice the depth with the old coil than the DD, although the DD will pick up smaller bits of gold. And where I usually go detecting the ground is pretty quite being clay. P.S. that old coil has not failed me in 10 years of hard use either. Also, the total gold weight in the picture is 14.8 grams.

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Very nice. Wish I was there with ya.

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