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Are the ones used on the Minelabs essentially the same as the Pocket Rocket brand of batteries that are used in hobbies such as model planes and boats? What is the difference in price between the $45 range for a 7.2v hobby battery and the unit used on metal detectors such as the GP Extreme? Who makes them and the re-chargers? Where can I get one? Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

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I dont really understand the question to well... Are you thinking of making the system yourself?

If you are then I dont think I would bother. Buying the pocket rocket system as a whole would be more practical/cost effective probably..

The Pocket Rocket batteries aftermarket reproductions of the SONY NP-F970 (camcorder batteries)

Then you would need to regulate them. 7.2 or 6.8 for the Extreem

Then you need the charger/plus the car charger incase you need to reset one in the field.

Then you need something to hold it all together.

Then you might want a short power supply to but that is optional.

Anyway, it would be much easier to get the whole package from an authorized dealer.

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