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Has this subject already been covered?

How would a (Proton) Magnetometer work looking for larger Meteorites?

(Even if you have never used one yourself, what have you at least heard.)

Or don't bother?





(This is only for an example, there might be many other makes and brands too.)

It looks like they also can be used for cannon balls, guns, and Relics from Civil War, Revolutionary War, and other known or newly discovered battle sites, if they work well at all?

I would not want to spend that kind of money and find surprises with some sort of disappointment with operating them, then regret buying it.

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We had a guy on this forum use one with good results (or so he said) I don't see why they wouldn't work for meteorites with a high iron content. Would they be as effective as metal detectors? Probably not. If they were- mags would be the instruments of choice. :twocents: :twocents:


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DPR is Deep-ground Penatrating Radar. they use it at Acheology digs to map out the dig site. it wont tell you the object is metal or not but it could be used in places like Brenham, KS to find meteorites at known strewn fields

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If you have that kind of money to spend...Surely...you should have an indepth knowledge of what you will search for and the likelyhood of finding it...not to mention the world is littered with iron stuff...I would not put any faith in the advertisements...

buyer beware


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Guest bedrock bob

I saw an article on some type of GPR used to find a meteorite. I cant find it again though. I will look more tonight. It even showed a colorful picture of the rock under several feet of dirt.

Magnetometers are used widely in the maritime industry to look at stuff underwater. They find mooring points in harbors with them, and also shipwrecks. I would bet a nickel that they would easily find an iron meteorite.

For land use I would bet that the Lorenz pulse machines would do as well as a magetometer. I watched a fellow find a fist sized iron with one at 3-4 feet. He claimed that he could search 16 feet deep with a pole mounted coil and up to 40 feet with a frame coil. I believe him because he has found a truckload of famous meteorites with the thing...

I aint diggin' 40 feet for anything that's not yellow! One thing for sure is that if you did get a target that deep it certainly would not be a soup can or a horse shoe.

There are some of those other "faith based" locators that I have my serious doubts about....

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