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Question about an old Garrett ADS III Detector

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Would it be worth $250 it comes with 4,8 & 12" coils and headphones, for a newbie's starter detector??

I came to the conclusion if I want much besides fines, I need a detector too... I put $200 from a side job away as the beginning, saving to buy something and then my hours got cut to 30, then recently again down to 20 a week. That was last August and my special savings account is not growing and with this beautiful weather (that is not ready yet for drywashing) I could be out prospecting with a detector... on my extra days off. Anyway at this point a minelab is totally out of the question and I was probably headed for a Whites of some sort but that appears it is going to be awhile off.

I found this Garrett today and everything I can find to read about it is good for gold (for a vlf detector), with the main drawback being it's age and weight... Well me too... LOL not really too old but definitely too fat and needing some exercise!

If I was going to look at it, anything specific to look for?? What is simplest way to test it to make sure it works right??

Thanks in advance for any input...

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Olschool, Best advise I would give is KEEP SAVIN you're almost there. 1-2-or 3 C-notes more and you can find a deal on a modern, proven, more popular "nugget or GOLD specific" detector to begin with.

I would reccomend staying away from the garrets. I will predict you will be unhappy and then soon want to sell or trade it away.

Patience and perservierance is required for nugget hunting. And it all starts with shoping for that first detector.


Here's one that looks like its in great shape and it had a great reputation many many years ago, BUT ALAS I'm going to dissasemble it and salvage parts of the shaft and handle to customize my "GMT".

If you could see what you have to go thru just to change batteries you'd say who the hell came up with this design ??????

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Hi OSF....Frank is right....get a gold machine....for a descent price and great performance I like

the Tesoro Lobo...auto ground tracking...life time warranty and it will get the small stuff...so will

the Whites...Minelab...Fisher....at some point in time I've owned most of the Garrett's...up to the

one that would talk to you...they won't handle the minerilzation...their heavy...and the one your

looking at is a coin machine....they say it will prospect which is right but not for the small stuff...

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There was a Whites GMT for 180$ on the San Diego Craigs List yesterday...

That is a lot of money for a relic...you can do better.

Now to answer your question...read the manual, did I mention read the manual...if you don't know how to test that Garret you probably don't want it unless the owner is willing to give you a tutorial.


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