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Whites MXT and Meteorites

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Hello Everyone,

New to this forum and was curious if anyone has had any luck hunting meteorites with a Whites MXT. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :icon_mrgreen:

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MXT's are fantastic meteorite hunting machines if you know how to program them. I've met people who have found pleanty of low metal L Chondrites at Franconia with them and even met someone who could program his to make 1g Holbrook scream with little

or no intereference. Definitely invest time into learning all the ins and outs of that machine. Happy hunting.

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Aloha Sgt.Mel,

Just like Erik I have also been with people who have hunted with MXT's and have seen some walk away with specimens right away while others just could not pick up a sound for the life of them. You just have to "learn" your machine and "train" your ears for that one specific sound for success. to some it comes easy while others have to work at it for awhile. Just dont get frustrated, because once you do it will just get worse. This is a hobby where patience is a key element.

Good luck out in the field.

Aloha and be safe out there,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Have just bought a MXT myself.

Never found a meteorite but plan to search for them. In fact there is only found 14 meteorites in Noway since the start of time, the last of them was in the news all over the world as the fragments hit a wall, a tree and a warehouse roof. Ofcourse lots more are in the dirt but most will have to have fell the last 10000 years or so cause the glaciers polished the rock free of dirt and pushed nearly all matter off the coast. There must have been some on the glaciers though ?

I also have a GoldBug 2 that I bought for this purpose but it is not a detector that can be used for much else here as we have little or no gold other then flakes and dust, nuggets have been found but are so rare its nearly a miracle to hear about one. Im selling it I think cause i dont use it at all. Any good ideas for keeping it ?

Now the MXT.

What can one expect to get on Iron prcentage over a small or even big stony meteorite, I presume an iron meteorite give nearly 100% iron probability and a squeeeling sound.... I have the Sef 10 by 12 and the whites 6 by 10 to go with it.

Just a guess but am I right in believing meteorite hunting should be done in track lock position....if its possible, the bedrock here really mess up detector signals...Granite and Gneis..

I have a few storys about known metorite hits that havent been found yet so hope it will be atleast fun going after them. And lots of fresh air and wilderness experiences.... That means alot to me aswell.



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My Gold Bug 2 is a Los Banos machine and has a few years on its back.

The machine cost much more here in Norway then in US and the post will be expencive from this end anyway.

It would not be a good deal for any of us if I sell it to US.

Thanks for the interest though...


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Thanks everyone for the feedback, I appreciate it. Ill definitely have to get a little more acquainted with the machine, since most of my detecting has been strictly coins. I also just received "Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites, wow this book is awesome. It has everything you need to know about meteorites. I recommend it for anyone trying to learn more about meteorites and then some. Thanks again all, and hope to run into some of you out in the field. Semper Fi !!!!!

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