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Garret Master Hunter ADS 1


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I am curious about this old metal detector I found in my father in laws storage. It's mine now but I dont' have a battery pack to try it out. He swears it's somewhere in that storage but that's just crazy, the storage is darn near the size of a semi trailer and full to the top. It's a

Garret Master Hunter ADS 1

VLF/TR Deepseeker ADS 1

Serial # 1180-045

Coil is a deepseeker co-planer 5.5

I am intrested in hearing anything anyone knows about the detector for curiosity's sake. However I dont' want to purchase a battery pack to find out if it works. If anyone has one of these battery packs and is in the area I would consider letting you try it out to see if it is even functional. As you can see in one of the pics the end of the shaft where the coil mounts is broken but other than that everything is intact. I am willing to sell it cheap if anyone is intrested but figure I can't sell it until I find out if it is functional or I find that one person that needs that one part.



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