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Yo All...I decided to go beeping rather than snake stalking today and ran into some forum friends out in the Vulture Mountains...Dakota Ron, SeaBee John & his Bro-in-Law (I think) Jim and Jim B. .... They'd already had a day of collecting lead & wire & boot tacks (no gold)... After BS'in for a while I continued on out in the Mts. about 8 miles and went to a gulch that had a very few little handstacks and workings along its half mile length...'Bout half way up there was a small header pile up on the bench of the gut ... Got a good signal on my ol' Baboo SD2100 with the 14" NF E Mono... Down about 4" was this little pretty dinkster... 0.5 grammer ...with some real white quartz ... Awesome day, about 78 degrees ... Cheers, Unc




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Hey Ron,

Was nice seeing you today and thanks for the dust job you gave us as you slid ten yards to get that quad stopped after Ron yelled at you. :laught16: It's always nice to see and talk with guys from the forum and someone who finds gold. I like to think of this gold prospecting the same as hunting, you really don't have to kill something to have a good time, and believe me when you have Jimmy B with you there's never a dull moment.

Hope to run across you again before it's time to head back to Michigan.

Good luck with the buss tails.


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Hi Ron nice V nuglet :icon_mrgreen: I got out with my old huntin buddy Bill S last weekend--we both got the :skunkkitty2: but it was still nice to be out and hunt with an old friend again :headphones: ---Mike C... :ph34r2:

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