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I had a feeling that might be the case so I have prepared a prepaid shipping label for your convenience. Just put those silly painted rocks in an envelope, attach the lable, pop it in the mail and vouala, all your problems are solved.

Seriously though, I don't yet have the experience to be able to tell one nugget from another. Are you finding that there is any difference in shape or purity and such between nuggets found in the southwest United States or other places and Brasil? I suspect that weathering and other natural forces in the two areas might make some differance but I'm not sure what they might be?

Cheers, lvlagnum.

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Magnum...I'm by no means an expert on gold ( or anything) but it seems to me that more than

anything that affects the appearance of gold nuggets is the amount of minerals present in the

gold....Brazil is overloaded with every mineral know to man...it's very common to find nuggets

where the minerals have made a drastic change within just 100 yards...purity also varies with

the amount and type of minerals found in the gold...I just hunt it...don't get into the breakdown

of the pieces....

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Awesome score there Garimpo. Nice! ...however, I think Magnum is trying to pull the wool over

your eyes, and take them of you. I though, am not so nefarious of character. Send them to me, and I'll

double check them for purity and send them back. Don't be alarmed if the returned items look like

gold painted lead. Thats just the chemical reaction from the testing.......

Nice finds mate.

HH - Johnny

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