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Wilderness Act???


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Just wondering if anyone knows of a website where we could look to see the details of the "Wilderness Bill" ? I am interested to know which areas are proposed to be added, and how the claims in these areas would be affected by the bill??? Looks like the Environmentalists wasted no time in pushing their agenda right to the front of the line as far as upcoming legislation.

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Well. I'll just post this for you. It's a post I made in a research thread of another forum. Maybe from the sites I provided you can find your information. I will do some more research later on your subject because I'm already surrounded by bombing ranges and wilderness areas so if they are adding more I want to be able to pitch a fit with everyone else.

As stated in another post I have done some research on prospecing/mining in Wilderness areas. Here is the link to the page of the law that very distinctly says prospecting is allowed on wilderness land.


However prospecting and mining are defined differently, prospecting being the exploration of minerals and mining being the removal of those minerals. Here is the page that defines this and tells why you can't remove minerals from a wilderness area unless you have a current and existing claim staked before the last wilderness act.


This was a nice way for them to lock us out... I'm a tad bitter about it, especially if they unlock other wilderness areas to drill oil... If they can unlock it why can't I kind of attitude you know

P.S. rluckadoo... if you read you will find out that when they did this back in the day they let everyone keep their current claims. If you are worried about a particular area becoming wilderness area you may want to make a claim there and maybe you will get to keep it.

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I looked up the bill and did not see any significant mining areas in CA or AZ listed in the expansion areas. Here's the site if anyone is interested in checking out the 1248 page bill that was passed by the senate.


Thanks for the info!


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And thank you for posting the bill. Now I can read it instead of looking for it. Much appreciated.

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