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Hello all,

Thought you all might like to take a look at this rusted meteorite. I found this awhile back and just this last Sunday was looking it over with a loop in the sun. I discovered an olivine crystal that I had missed when I first looked at it. It is highly rusted but It is still a find from up above!

I would like to cut and etch this piece just to see what the pattern is like. just might be a few more crystals are hiding inside. Hope the pics do it justice.






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Hi Dean,

That's a beautiful piece! I can clearly see the olivene in the photo, it's really cool. It's always fun to get "extras" from prievious hunts. When in doubt, I always take it home for a closer look later on. Thanks for posting the photos. Say hi to "The Z-Man" for me.


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Welcome to the 100 club Dean! I still have yet to make it out there and I hope when I do I score something like that. That certainly makes me want to go through my meteorwrong pile. Gorgeous find, congrats!


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You should be very proud of that one! You are one of very few...

Even some of the best meteorite hunters have never found a pallasite. I'd take it!

P.S. I'm staring to think I'll be in Tucson.... Call me if you wanna hang with us (Mike, Paul, Del, Nate and I will be hanging out filming , buying and drooling over cool specimens.)

Ruben Garcia

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thanks, I can not believe I missed the olivine the first time around. You are right to take a second and third look. It lead to this siderite now being a pallasite!


Gracias! I have been spending a lot of time lately looking through my vast meteorwrong pile. It paid off ehh!

Freelancer, yeah I sure wish I knew earlier. Funny thing is I have held and looked at this piece dozens of times. I showed a friend today and he saw it right away with out being told about it. I guess my eyes are getting old.


what can I say, I have the best mentor in this hobby as a friend. I am enjoying this piece again as if I just found it!

Thanks! I will see you in Tucson for sure, oh and by the way, you can by us breakfast! Glad your going, see ya there.


Thanks buddy for the kind words. I am stoked for hunting this year! It will be a great one for all of us.

Bones, thanks! I am looking forward to finding a few stoneys this year. I am confident it will happen.


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Congrats Dean. Very nice. Hope you find more crystals if/when you cut it.

Is that a Glorietta or a cold find or ?



Thanks for the nice comments .It is a G M. When I do get around to having someone cut and etch it, I will post some pics.


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