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Happy Birthday RogerD


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Happy Birthday!!! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :whoopie:

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Wow, the big 60...........just think, in a few more years you can retire...........OOPS, forgot, you is already retired, or something like that. Hope that you are having a great day and there are many more to follow....

I really have to echo what Flak said about you and add that (no finer a gentleman, do I know) I am proud to have you as a friend..........


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Hello Roger and of course Happy Birthday. Thanks for your leadership and continuous

hard work, and occasional pointy finger. Thanks for making me feel welcome a few years

back it was sure appreciated. Will always remember our hunts together. Hope to see

you before long. --Perry--post-969-1231905236_thumb.jpg

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Hey Roger ... Happy Belated Birthday ... I'll soon be joining you in that scary big number. Seems it wasn't that long ago that we were chanting "never trust anyone over 30" and then it was over 60 ... well what now? ... Never trust anyone under 50? :innocent0009:

Make it a great day ...

Mike F.

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Thanks Gentlemen............

Every friend I have are good people I have met on this forum. You all have enriched my life over the years.

Thank you all very much. :icon_mrgreen: I sincerely mean that.

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