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El Dorado's handy work...

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Howdy All,

Before the holiday's, El Dorado posted a fine piece of craftsmanship, including a meteorite set in a gold rim pendant. Well, I decided to purchase the piece and gave it to my wife as a Christmas present. At first she didn't know what to say, (she's not too big into meteorites like I am), but ensured me she would wear it. I must say El Dorado puts together some fine quality jewelry, and heres the proof.



She received a few comments about it today and told her co-workers what it was. A definite conversation piece... one of a kind.

Thanks again for the nice pendant Steve, two quality "Gems"... Jason :;):

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All, thanks for the comments. El Dorado's work is impressive and indeed unique. Thanks again for the piece, now if I could only convince her to let me buy a 4500 :Huh_anim]: :laught16: :laught16: ...

Jason :;):

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Truely magnificent. And the pendant isn't too bad either. Cherrish both forever. Oh, and tell your wife if she lets you buy a new detector, you will deffinately find the Mother Lode and be able to buy here even more jewelry. Well, it's worth a try, isn't it?

El Dorado.

I'm just kidding. You do spectacular work and are a true artist. I will look forward to seeing more of your unique creations.

Cheers, lvlagnum.

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