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I just got this site from a prospecting buddy.. Just wanted to introduce myself.. I live in Vacaville, CA and like to dredge, Metal detect, and fly.. N/S 50 Y/O male.. Likes beer. Known on some forums as Diverrick, but I am changing it to Skunked as that is what always happens on my propecting trips.. Always looking for folks in my area to go out and prospect with.. Drop me a line if anyone is interested. Rdozier1@aol.com I usually have the weekends off as well as Fridays.

Thanks, and Happy new year.

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hmm never even heard of Vacaville.. had to look it up on the map lol. Anyways, Howdy :sign:

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Welcome aboard the best educational and fun lovin forum around. We have all been :skunkkitty2: a time or two or hum, I forget now. When you get time go back and read some of the posts, they are very helpful.

Again, Welcome.

OL'29er :banged: :miner: :coffeetime:

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Funny... but it is true we actually have TWO prisons here.. keeps our local economy going pretty stable usually.. I don't live there luckly for me. I have a ranch outside of own.. Can't even see the "institution" from where I live. And yes I do have "computer privleges"..... From my wife/Warden. She's a non prospector. :icon_mrgreen:

Hi skunked....welcome....Vacaville huh?....I see you have computer privleges...that's good...

when is your release date?.... :laught16:

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Welcome! I know Vacaville well. My son still lives in Fairfield.

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Hahahaha....Great moniker you have "Skunked".

I know it well, it's got a very nasty habit of following me around. Would you mind taking care of it for me mate? Bloody thing seems to

have latched onto my tector and won't let go....*mutters*

I'm new also, but there appears to be some extremely well gleaned prospectors on here that I'm hoping will eventually slip up

and point me to the mother lode.

Welcome to the Forum dude.

HH - Johnny

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Hi skunked,

I live about 3/4 of the year in Sacramento, like to fly, enjoy metal detecting (coin and nugget) and also would like to get back into dredging. Let me know if you want to get together.

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