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silver springs


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hows it goin guys, hopefully better than the way things been goin for me? the past 2 years have been tough indeed, and now I have a feeling its gonna get worse before it gets better, anyways on to the question, if anybody here is familiar with the area silver springs ? its just north of Kingman. is there a site where you can find out if there are any claims in an area, I dont want to go into an area where I might get shot :bang:

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G'day Rockhound. Try this mate.


Down the lefthand side, open up "Land and Minerals" and select "Map Viewer".

This will open up another window. From there there is a drop-down selection box which says "Select Map".

Open that up and select mining claims. Also, select which state you want etc ( AZ )

Once you are in that, it shows by default, what claims are active. You can also select inactive claims using a little tick box.

If you need more information, you can select "Identify" which is an option on the toolbar top left. You select that and

then click on what claim you want info on. You'll get the gist of it....have a play.

Sometimes its refresh rate can be slow though. Just so you know.


HH - Johnny

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I gotta tellya that site is awesome and I love Google Earth too......Google is really big brother ya know....nothing is going to be able ti hide from them. But I sure enjoy using their tools. :twocents:

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I know about the Silver Springs area.

Be very very careful there. The place is covered with private and

State land. Also there is lots of valid claims too. The private land is real

hard to locate,because a lot isn't fenced,and its in blocks scattered all over

the place. Some of those land owners are not too friendly either.

You would have to do some serious research and carry a land use plat,

GPS,and claim map at all times. I researched all that stuff for some other

guys,and it is an easy place to get in trouble,without knowing exactly where

you are,at all times.

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thanks for the site guys, I wish I knew about this site a while ago. yeah I have heard from a few different people about some ranchers out there that are to say the least not very friendly at all. we used to go pig hunting in the area , I remember 1 season a guy shot a pig and when they were cleaning him up they found a piece a gold stuck in its teeth. :laught16: wasnt very big piece but it was gold none the less. anyways thinks again< Im sure this site will come in handy.

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Rocky....if you go up into this area, carry at least a printout of the claims and the co-ordinates as they are currently shown on the site along

with a topographical map with the areas you wish to prospect marked in red sharpie.

Should some guy approach you and start reading you the riot act, you should whilst hand placed on belt near handgun say...

"Uh....I hate to be the harbringer of bad news, but if you are who you say you are, your claim is 100 feet DOWN..the hill and to the right....see.."

*points at said map*

and produce the map with co-ordinates. This has happened to my wife and I whilst going over tailings in Acton - California, and the person tried

to sway me by telling me that although there were no boundary markers or anything else to ascertain legal rights, this was his property and I should vacate.

Needless to say, some verbage sullied back and forth, and in the end I decided I did not need the hassle. He was in the wrong, but I didn't want to

stand there and argue. Having an extremely short fuse, I thought it prudent to just let the idiot rave away before things veered too far to the right.

Hey....the tailings were shitty anyways, but people may still try to bluff you if they are under the misbegotten notion that you may be

in their way of finding gold...

Just a thought.

HH - Johnny

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The claims are the least of the problems,also it is impossible to

get accurate claim locations ,that you can pinpoint the corners with

on lode claims from geocommunicator.

The communicator only shows the general area,not a precise location.

A land plat from the county showing private and state land is the

first thing I would get. The land in that area has been sold,traded

and shifted around so much that a current county plat is a must.

The BLM is using outdated land use plats on the communicator,also

they fail to show small parcels of private land on their management


That area is popular with the land speculators and is constantly being

sold or traded. The County assessor's office is the only place that keeps

up to date plats that you can count on.

There is railroad,state,private and BLM land there,and it is all subject

to being sold or traded at any time. Plus a bunch of the roads are private.

One problem I noticed is if you find a open patch,you can't get there from

here,because access is blocked. It is a tough place to navigate,so research

the heck out of it before getting too excited.

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