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??? Drywasher Dead Space And Angles ????


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Hey all;

New to the forums and wanted to ask for some help. I picked up a gold duster drywasher and I've been reading about dead air space. I wanted ask ask if some one could help me out with this. As far as what would be the best thing to use to create dead space? Where sould i place it? Is it worth it? Also I haven't gotten to try out my machine yet because of the rain but I wanted to ask about what kind of an angle to start my riffle tray at? Any help would be great. Need all the advise I can get. Thanks again.

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Start with this link:http://www.infowest.com/personal/w/wfletcher/prospecting.html

Then read the back posts on this forum, the subject has been covered thourly, if you still need help I'll send you the angles I use on puffers I build , but I make them ajustable for different conditions, I use a 1/4 " dead air space behind each riffle. You you can use black electric tape on the back of the riffle tray to make the dead air space.


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No need to delete it. Your not the only one with the question. The link provided will help others and it's on top for people to see.

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