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Hi Chris...the site opened but when I clicked the "guess" button it wouldn't open.....so here's my

guess after you bust all the gold out of the rock.....42gr........

BTW....the "hip-stick" is the best invention since Ben Gay...both relieve pain.....

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Well I got it to open but the email I sent came back as undeliverable.

My Guess is 38gr.

I do wish you luck on your website!

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Thanks guys,

Gall durn website i'll work on it some more I stink at making links.

The guess button is supposed to open your default mail app. So if your using a web based mail, it wont work I'm guessing :)

Are you getting a auto reply? when you mail sales@setectoraid.com?

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Hi Chris,

Nice looking specie........... How about 46 grams of gold.

Your HipStick is one hell of a great product, one of the best inventions to come along in years when it comes to metal detecting.....


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I could not imagine life without my HipStick, and going by the amount of people who have shown interest in OZ everyone else loves 'em as well. :icon_mrgreen:


PS Nice speci Chris, does it have a story attached? :woohoo:

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Hi Chris!

I like your name. lol. Anyways thanks for the contest and i'm bringing this back to the top because I don't like the current top topics! Hope everyone has a great new year!

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I too would like to hear the story of that specimen!

I have been perusing your website and its very nice. Anyplace I can learn from is a good place! If its half as successful as this site, you are on your way! :whoopie:

Oh Yeah...3.43 oz... :WOW:

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OK, I will guess 94 grams, and if I win just send it to me and I will personally deliver it to Don!

Thanks for making such a great product!

PS. If you ever want that rock cut into some nice cabochons, I would be happy to do it!

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