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Quiet title claim


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Dear Miners and Prospectors,

I've found pointers about what to look out for when filing quiet title in Nevada. But, the

actual "how to" wording formats and entry requirements for the court are vague. I've even got the civil procedure manual for Nevada. But the darn thing doesn't get down to brass tacs.

Yes, Yes, Yes. Get a lawyer. But in a tiff with a major bucks company, pro se has many advantages.

Otherwise, does anyone know of a recent quiet title case in Nevada by case name? I can look it up

and check out the format.

Anyone know what I'm talking about out there? Tks! ironwood

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Why quick claim your property to a big company? Leasing it if their interested would be a safer way to go. If your looking to get out from under it, I'll send you a PM with some ideas.


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OK this is just a guess,because the information you posted

is kind of sketchy.

Are you trying to gain all the ownership to a claim from some

other partners or a prior company that had some kind of interest,

by means of a quiet title? :confused0013:

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