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good service from minelab


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So, after using my 3500 that I took in trade for another detector; and after having suspected an incipient problem for quite awhile I sent my 3500 to the Minelab Doctor in Las Vegas. I explained the problems and Mr Shultz put it in line for a physical...a week or so later i had it back. So I rushed to the Yuma area to give it a try....hmmm, it was worse with mono coil...hmmm worse in all modes...hey, it works perfectly with a DD in nn and tracking or fixed, so I returned to my FIRST_NUGGET Patch and low and yippee a nugget...more importantly the dector in that mode was excellent. But the detector still wasn't right...

So, back to Minelab and Mr Shultz again puts it in line...two weeks later my baby is back. Friday after Christmas Jeff and I head back to the desert...this time everything seems to work with mono or dd coils and in all modes...after a couple of other stops we go back to my FNP and again I find a nice little nugget...

I can hardly wait to get back to Gold Basin and redeem my tarnished and battered ego...with a fully functional 3500 I will have no more excuses...maybe, Mr B will send me a proxy pointy finger to improve my chances.

Thank you Minelab and Co for the swift and sure service.


the flat nugget is 2.4 grams and the rounder nugget is 3 grams, the smallest is 1.2 grams...three different trips


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Nice Nuggets! I havent seen anyone post any for a bit. Nice to have the detector working correctly eh? :icon_mrgreen:

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Fred the staff at Minelab are the greatest. Looks like your on the roll with your 3500. nice looking nuggets.I guess I better get down to Yuma and have you use your pointy finger as I have never done to well in that area. Your 3500 should work alot better in GB now. I will be heading back down to Arivaca on the 1st.


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Yeah over here in Australia Minelab provide very good service as well , including a recall on the first few 4500's sold for a fix on a component problem. I hope they keep up the good service and keep listening to prospectors about possible improvements for future models.

( i would like a better shaft attachment for the bungy cord)

Thanks for sharing your finds Fred.


Central West NSW Australia

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As a dealer it is very rewarding to work with such an excellent company and they treat every customer very professionally and I have never had a complaint!

Yup and they make the best gold detector can buy....

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